Trust your gut on this one: kombucha is the drink trend that is here to stay.

Singing promises of detox, gut and digestive health, and green goddess coolness, kombucha has become one the biggest must-drink beverages of the minute.

But what’s behind all the hype? And more importantly, where can you get in on some? Read right on and get caught up with kombucha in Bangkok down below.

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When did kombucha become so trendy?

Kombucha was always cool in particular insider circles. However, it outgrew its hippie image in recent years and made it more into the mainstream together with the general shift towards organic, plant-based, and health-conscious dining. From the get-go, it’s already a raw, vegan, and all-natural beverage, meaning that it fits into the diets of many people — and many of the new diets people are delving in to. It even typically comes in eco-friendly glass packaging, and thereby feels like it could please almost everybody.

Beyond this, fermentation has been a hot topic for a few months now, with both kimchi and kombucha leading the pack. In large part they are applauded for their health benefits (more on that later), but also for their DIY aspect. You could make these at home, just as you did banana bread, Dalgona coffee, and focaccia art.

But kombucha is more than just a TikTok food fad. Whilst its popular timing coincided with the spread of COVID-19, it’s quite a clever turn of events. More and more people are looking for alternative ways to stock up on valuable nutrients and strengthen their systems, and where apple cider tastes too hardcore and ginger shots burn your throat, kombucha tends to feel just right.

As we’re investing in an Alo Yoga subscription and beautiful plant pots for our balcony garden, drinking kombucha happens to fit perfectly into our new lifestyle. And luckily Bangkok has taken note.

Image Credit: Klara Avsenik/Unsplash

What exactly is kombucha and what are the benefits?

Millennial jokes aside, the health benefits are definitely the main reason behind kombucha’s success.

The ancient (we hope you didn’t think this ‘trend’ was something ‘new’) art of fermenting black or green tea has long been recognised for its detoxifying wonders. Concocted with tea and sugar, the beverage is ‘alive’ as it is made using a culture of bacteria and yeast. This culture is so infamous that it even has a name: scoby.

Scoby lends kombucha its renowned digestive and probiotic perks, and also gives the drink its signature sour-sweet taste, combined with a bit of fizz on the tongue. These days, it is often made together with other fruit or herbs, resulting in a vast repertoire of kombucha flavours on the market. It is often found at brunch spots served on ice in a gin glass, or packaged in brown beer-like bottles for extra swag points.

Where can I get some?

On researching where to order some ‘bucha in Bangkok, we found that there are actually plenty of suppliers. Here’s a round-up of our pick of the mix, with a great variety of flavours as well as bottle sizes. Before we leave you on this journey of joy, one thing is very important to note: drinking too much kombucha can be harmful to your health, so please inform yourself before consuming, too.

The Green Geek

Best known and most loved for their organic food store at Habito Mall, The Green Geek is one of the frontrunners of the kombucha revolution in Bangkok, offering an incredible selection of flavours (passion fruit, mango, cinnamon, roselle, lychee, ginger, coffee, and more). What we love most about this brand, however, is their sizing. Available in 250ml bottles (THB 80-95) and 1 litre bottles (THB 300-350), it’s a more eco-friendly way to get your week’s supply of kombucha all in one order.

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Bangkok Booch

Not just a cheeky name, Bangkok Booch is often found at cafes around town, and features flavours that span pineapple and lemongrass, mulberry, mango and chilli, mangosteen, and original black tea (THB 120 each). If you’re really looking to get jiggy with it, we suggest you try their recently launched Booch Scoop, a kombucha dessert made with original kombucha and a mix of berries for a low-calorie alternative to sorbet. It’s priced at THB 135 per cup, or THB 500 for four cups.

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Pure Luck Bangkok

Making kombucha since 2010, Pure Luck claims to be Bangkok’s first kombucha brewery, and has a vast selection to prove it. We love that they’re a zero-waste brewery, re-using bottles and seal wax. Pure Luck’s flavours are on the dreamier side, starring Siam breakfast, golden lily, Patagonia wild guava, berries, raspberries, and more. You can even get a subscription to Pure Luck Bangkok, and keep that kombucha coming.

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Mind Kombucha

This one is quite popular amongst Thai beauty influencers, and we’ve often spotted Mind Kombucha at farmer’s markets about town. Featuring more ‘classic’ flavours like original black and green tea, lychee, honey and ginger, and yuzu and peach, you can get a set of five bottles for THB 1200, or a set of seven bottles for THB 1900.

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Three Goats Brewery

Did you know that Three Goats Brewery is the first place in Thailand where you can get kombucha on tap? Now you do. Bottling it right up since 2017, you can get a host of interesting and unique flavours here. They cover everything from shiso plum and bitter orange over to honey lemon hops and orange cinnamon, and each bottle is priced at THB 120. Please order some and let us know where they got their name from.

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Monsoon Tea Shop & Kombucha Bar

There’s no way you don’t know Monsoon Tea if you’ve been around Bangkok, yet you probably didn’t know that the brand also makes kombucha. In fact, they’ve got an entire Kombucha Bar over in Asok, where they often host kombucha workshops (albeit mostly during non-COVID times). Using their “forest-friendly” teas as a base, the kombucha here is flavoured with peach, ginger, or rose, and comes at THB 150 a pop. We also spy some very cute kombucha brewing kits, so it’s definitely worth checking out.

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