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The World’s Best Bars 2018 list has been unveiled, and Bangkok is on it

The World’s Best Bars 2018 were announced in a dazzling ceremony last night in London at the iconic Roundhouse, as the World’s 50 Best Bars were unveiled, following the 51-100 spot reveal late last month.

Now in its 10th year running, the annual event brings together the world’s most noted bartenders, in what could easily be dubbed The Oscars of the cocktail bar world. This year saw many brand new entries to the list, most delightfully, including one of Bangkok’s very own.

The top spot was awarded to London’s Dandelyan, who not only claimed the title of the World’s Best Bar 2018, but also the Best Bar in Europe. Debuting in 2015 at No.50, the glamorous bar located inside the Mondrian Hotel on London’s Southbank quickly rose to No.3 in 2016 and No.2 in 2017, before being granted the prime spot this year.

Yet whilst the UK and the US reign supreme with 10 bars each on the Top 50 list, it was a great night for Asia, too. 10 Asian bars featured on the Top 50 list, hailing from Singapore, China, Japan, and Taiwan. Singapore leads the pack with the Manhattan bar positioned at No.3, making it to the World’s Top 3 Bars, and also the Best Bar in Asia. Rounding up the Top 10 were Singapore’s Atlas (No.8) and Hong Kong’s The Old Man (No.10), who also claimed the Highest New Entry. Adding to Singapore’s noteworthy accolades, Singapore-based bartender Joe Schofield also took home the Altos Bartenders’ Bartender Award for his groundbreaking flavour developments.

Singapore’s Manhattan wins the title of The Best Bar in Asia, and No.3 in the world

Coming in as a fresh new entry, it’s also an exciting time for Thailand’s drinks scene, as The Bamboo Bar at the Mandarin Oriental came swooping in as the only Thai bar on the list at No.55. Also the only Thai bar to make it onto the Top 10 on the Asia’s 50 best bars list, the iconic jazz bar has long been an elegant favourite of locals and global A-listers alike.

The bar team at The Bamboo Bar at the Mandarin Oriental

The World’s Best Bars aim to showcase and celebrate the world’s best drinking venues, voted for by an academy of over 500 experts worldwide. Find the full list for 2018 below, and head to Worlds50bestbars.com for more information on each of the winning bars.

(Note: venues in Asia are highlighted in boldface)

  1. Dandelyan – London, UK
  2. American Bar – London, UK
  3. Manhattan – Singapore
  4. The NoMad – New York, USA
  5. Connaught Bar – London, UK
  6. Bar Termini – London, UK
  7. The Clumsies – Athens, Greece
  8. Atlas – Singapore
  9. Dante – New York, USA
  10. The Old Man – Hong Kong, China
  11. Licorería Limantour – Mexico City, Mexico
  12. Bar High Five – Tokyo, Japan
  13. Native – Singapore
  14. Florería Atlántico – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  15. Attaboy – New York, USA
  16. The Dead Rabbit – New York, USA
  17. Oriole – London, UK
  18. Coupette – London, UK
  19. Himkok – Oslo, Norway
  20. Speak Low – Shanghai, China
  21. Sweet Liberty – Miami, USA
  22. Baba Au Rum – Athens, Greece
  23. Operation Dagger – Singapore
  24. Le Syndicat – Paris, France
  25. Lost & Found – Nicosia, Cyprus
  26. Employees Only – New York, USA
  27. Central Station – Beirut, Lebanon
  28. Scout – London, UK
  29. Three Sheets – London, UK
  30. Black Pearl – Melbourne, Australia
  31. Tales and Spirits – Amsterdam, Netherlands
  32. Linje Tio – Stockholm, Sweden
  33. Little Red Door – Paris, France
  34. 28 HongKong Street – Singapore
  35. Happiness Forgets – London, UK
  36. La Factoría – Old San Juan, Puerto Rico
  37. Paradiso – Barcelona, Spain
  38. Indulge Experimental Bistro – Taipei, Taiwan
  39. El Copitas – St Petersburg, Russia
  40. Tommy’s – San Francisco, USA
  41. BlackTail – New York, USA
  42. Candelaria – Paris, France
  43. Schumann’s – Munich, Germany
  44. Trick Dog – San Francisco, USA
  45. Fifty Mils – Mexico City, Mexico
  46. Swift – London, UK
  47. Salmon Guru – Madrid, Spain
  48. Buck and Breck – Berlin, Germany
  49. Bar Benfiddich – Tokyo, Japan
  50. Lost Lake – Chicago, USA
  51. Sober Company – Shanghai, China 
  52. Jerry Thomas Speakeasy – Rome, Italy
  53. Presidente – Buenos Aires, Argentina
  54. Quinary – Hong Kong, China
  55. The Bamboo Bar at Mandarin Oriental – BANGKOK, THAILAND 
  56. ABV – San Francisco, USA
  57. The Gibson – London, UK
  58. Tippling Club – Singapore 
  59. Dry Martini – Barcelona, Spain
  60. The Broken Shaker – Miami, USA
  61. Panda & Sons – Edinburgh, UK
  62. Lobster Bar & Grill – Hong Kong, China 
  63. Bar Orchard Ginza – Tokyo, Japan 
  64. Charles H. – Seoul, South Korea 
  65. Bar Trench – Tokyo, Japan 
  66. Alice Cheongdam – Seoul, South Korea 
  67. Bramble – Edinburgh, UK
  68. Carnaval – Lima, Peru
  69. Zuma – Dubai, UAE
  70. Bar Raval – Toronto, Canada
  71. Guilhotina – São Paulo, Brazil
  72. Untitled – London, UK
  73. Danico – Paris, France
  74. Amor y Amargo – New York, USA
  75. Bulletin Place – Sydney, Australia
  76. Gibson – Singapore 
  77. Mace – New York, USA
  78. The Baxter Inn – Sydney, Australia
  79. The Bar With No Name – London, UK
  80. 1930 – Milan, Italy
  81. Anvil – Houston, USA
  82. SubAstor – São Paulo, Brazil
  83. Aviary – Chicago, USA
  84. The Long Island Bar – New York, USA
  85. Le Chamber – Seoul, South Korea 
  86. Frank Bar – São Paulo, Brazil
  87. Two Schmucks – Barcelona, Spain
  88. Herbs and Rye – Las Vegas, USA
  89. Aviary – New York, USA
  90. Dr. Stravinski – Barcelona, Spain
  91. Maison Premiere – New York, USA
  92. Dirty Dick – Paris, France
  93. The Other Room – Singapore 
  94.  Imperial Craft – Tel Aviv, Israel
  95.  Above Board – Melbourne, Australia
  96. PDT – New York, USA
  97. Leyenda – New York, USA
  98.  Hanky Panky – Mexico City, Mexico
  99. Nottingham Forest – Milan, Italy
  100. Potato Head Beach Club – Bali, Indonesia

Hero Image Credit: Manhattan

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