Are superyachts the greatest indulgence of the 21st century? They may as well be.

In large part created out of a desire for alternative travel, and for those with a strong passion for the seas, yachts have long gone beyond a mere hobby for sailing.

These days, yachts — and indeed, superyachts — need to tick a lot more boxes. It’s no longer enough to sport over-the-top furnishings and big pools; seafarers are also looking at innovation, and how their travels can be more sustainable, and kinder to the environment. This makes for an exciting movement in the industry, as manufacturers are forced to push boundaries, challenge design, and create future-forward vessels that are increasingly independent of fuel and energy-efficient, too.

Here, we’ve put together a list of five superyachts you should definitely keep on your radar. From a yacht that harnesses hydrogen power to another that reaps the benefits of solar energy, here are some of the most innovative superyachts on the seas today.

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Singapore.