Bugatti’s new Chiron leaves the bells and whistles behind to speed up its engines — faster than ever.

The flattest Chiron is here to blow our minds. Bugatti just unveiled their new Chiron Pure Sport and it’s very, very light. It is an iteration of the mid-engine supercar that’s been reduced to its foundational components. That means, without the weight of unnecessary bells and whistles, the new Chiron is more agile than any previous rendition and just “yearn[ing] for corners and challenging country roads.”

Earlier this week, Bugatti revealed the newest version of the Chiron supercar: the Chiron Pur Sport. While at first glance this model hasn’t appeared to have changed much compared with previous generations of the Chiron or even derivatives of the model like the Divo, it’s been nevertheless optimised for sharp cornering at daring speeds.

Both the increased amount of downforce generated by a new aerodynamic configuration and the reduction in overall vehicle weight work to improve the model’s agility. New high-performance tires ensure a strong connection is made between the car and road even when the model soars to the top speed 217mph (350 km/h) thanks to its 1,600hp W16 engine.

Here’s a sneak peek:

According to the company, the chassis and suspension have been specially tuned to be “uncompromising on winding roads — without any detrimental effect on comfort.” Along with these revised components which give owners an incredibly high-performance driving experience, a new Sport+ driver mode has been designed to elevate that experience even more by allowing drivers to quickly shift between going straight, making sharp turns, and drifting.

Production of the Bugatti Chiron Pur Sport will begin during the second half of this year. Only 60 units will be made, each of which will have a starting price of €3 million, or about $3.3 million.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.