Though still a little less than a week away, the Frankfurt Motor Show 2019 is already gearing up high anticipations. And fairly so — this week, several automobile manufacturers have been teasing (or flat-out completely revealing) a number of high-tech concept cars that will be on display at the annual show. This year’s most popular trends in a nutshell? Pure electric power trains, and sleek futuristic styling.

Each year just before the autumn equinox, the Frankfurt Motor Show is home to a harvest of automobile debuts and premieres of production models, concepts, vintage vehicles, special editions, and specially made one-offs. Below we go through a handful of the concepts that will be on display at this year’s event representing the future not only of their respective brands, but of the industry.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2019: Audi AI:TRAIL Quattro

Audi AI:Trail Quattro

A few weeks ago, Audi published the latest teaser of a concept called the AI:Trail Quatrro, a model the company refers to as “electrically driven off-roader of the future.” While next to no information has so far been revealed about the concept, the obscure image of the vehicle exposes its pod-like form.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2019: BMW Vision M Next

BMW Vision M Next

Though BMW‘s Vision M Next futuristic concept made its premiere earlier this year, the car will be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week as part of its world tour. According to the company, the concept “represents a prototype version of the BMW driving experience of tomorrow.”

Frankfurt Motor Show 2019: Hyundai '45'

Hyundai ‘45′ EV

In August, Hyundai published a teaser of a concept called ‘45′ which allegedly represents the company’s EV design future. It’s described by Hyundai as being both sporty and “sensuous.”

Frankfurt Motor Show 2019: Cupra Tavascan

Cupra Tavascan

Just days ago, Cupra unveiled in full the Cupra Tavascan concept that blends SUV features with sports coupe design. Though debuting at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week, all specs were recently revealed, all of which represent the company’s electric future.

Frankfurt Motor Show 2019: Mercedes

Mercedes-Benz EQ

This past week, Mercedes-Benz not only teased the outside of the latest version of its EQ concept, but also published a collection of images of the vehicle’s extremely futuristic high-tech interior. This model is thought to be the EQS, the first of the EQ family to don an S-series designation.

All concept models will be on display at the Frankfurt Motor Show which is held from 12-22 September to September 22.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.