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Hop on board Swag Electric Vehicles to help combat pollution in Bangkok

It should be to nobody’s surprise that we’re currently facing a lot of air pollution in Bangkok.

Skylines that used to actually have visible buildings have now turned into dark hazy silhouettes. One of the biggest contributors to the smog clouds is, of course, our crazy high levels of traffic emissions — around 72% of this dust is said to be from the city’s transportation. It’s definitely a problem that needs addressing. When we saw the launch of Swag Electric Vehicles arrive in Bangkok at the end of last year, we saw a glimmer of hope for change.

At their Bangkok flagship store at Siam Square One last week, the Singaporean electric motorcycle company officially released two cool new models, Type-X and Type-S, which are already licensed to drive in Thailand


Both bikes come with removable batteries that can then be plugged into any electrical socket for charging — taking only around 2 hours to fully charge from empty.


The motors are made by Bosch, while the detachable 60-volt 26 AH battery for both models are from Samsung.


The bikes can cover a distance of up to 90 kilometres while fully charged. Prices fall in between THB 62,900 to 65,900.

Electric vehicles (commonly referred to as EVs) are far more eco-friendly modes of transport than current petrol-fuelled cars and motorcycles that populate Bangkok. Yet right now, a very small proportion of vehicles are electric in Bangkok. Pollution in Bangkok is at an all-time high, and the growing availability of electric vehicles could be a big part of resolving this issue. Let’s hope that the launch of Swag EVs in Bangkok is the first step towards redefining Thailand’s urban mobility by helping to make electric vehicles a lot more accessible — and affordable — for everyone.

The Swag EV flagship store is located on the 2nd Floor of Siam Square One, Rama I Road, Bangkok 10330.

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