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The Mercedes-Benz C300e AMG Sport arrives in Thailand

Welcoming the newest member of our EQ Power family.

There are two things that really makes a car so beloved amongst modern car enthusiasts: an environmental-friendly sporty vehicle and one that never compromises on its driving performance. The Mercedes-Benz C 300 e AMG Sport may just happen to be that dream car. The new EQ Power plug-in hybrid vehicle with sporty design and brilliant performance has now made its debut in Thailand.

Given the concern over the spread of COVID-19, Mercedes-Benz (Thailand) Limited decided to introduce the luxury sports car via live stream on Monday 15 June to maintain social distancing. Whilst we were not surprised, we are definitely impressed.

[All images courtesy of Mercedes-Benz]

What makes this model so intriguing? The third-generation of EQ Power plug-in hybrid vehicle, the Mercedes-Benz C 300 e AMG Sport brings the best driving performance given the combination of a 1,991cc petrol engine with 9G-TRONIC nine-speed automatic transmission, an electric motor, and together it generates 320 hp and a torque of 700 Nm. Imagine this: the electric motor alone generates 122 hp (90 kW). Meanwhile, the driver could also choose to drive in E-mode which allows 30% longer distance. To add in some more stats, acceleration from 0-100 km can be done in just 5.4 seconds.

The Exterior

The Mercedes-Benz C 300 e AMG Sport looks charming because of its LED High-Performance headlamps and LED tail lamps. Of course, these increase visibility giving us better safety measures while driving during the day and night. What makes the car even sportier and stylish is the AMG Body Styling as well as the Night Package accessories.

The Interior

There’s no doubt that the AMG Sport car portrays the perfect blend of luxury and comfort with the best of advanced technologies and an exceptional design. Keeping our convenience in mind, there’s an 10.25-inch screen, a  multi-function steering wheel, and Audio 20 that answers to all demands. In the mood for a song but want to play your own playlist? Connect your smartphone with Apple CarPlay. The highlight? The ambient lights with a range of 64 colours can be spruced up like a work of art for your different moods.

Looks like this new number is ready to hit the streets. The Mercedes-Benz C 300 e AMG Sport is currently valued at THB 2,699,000.



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