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Why the new Vanquish Yacht Jet Ski should be on your water toy wish list

There are two ways to deal with the season’s sporadically scorching heatwaves: sweat (also cry) it out, or grow up, board your super yacht, and make a day of it.

Here’s a water toy that will appeal to the latter.

(Image credit: Vanquish Yachts)

Those who enjoy the water but don’t want to leave the comforts of their yacht (you know, just another first world problem) however, will be happy to learn that Vanquish Yachts have created just the toy for them. 

Essentially the love child of a jet-ski and a luxury yacht, this strange hybrid is the Vanqraft VQ16, and it’s the crossover that no one knew they needed. The 16-feet-long vessel boasts the luxury of a first-class yacht with the manoeuvrability of a water scooter, except this adrenaline-pumping trip can now be shared amongst up to six people instead of the usual two. After all, Vanquish Yachts designed this with “serious fun” in mind.

(Image credit: Vanquish Yachts)

A 1.8-litre Yamaha engine with jet propulsion within fuels the Vanqraft VQ16 with 200hp, and is not only capable of long distances but also some serious zip when it hits its top speed of 40 knots (74kph). If that’s hardly enough thrill, Vanquish has a supercharged Veloce version that manages a whopping 50 knots (92kph).

(Image credit: Vanquish Yachts)

Dutch navel experts Guido de Groot Design and Studio Delta collaborated on its svelte design, giving its hull the fibreglass treatment to keep it light and nimble. There are two seats up front for passengers, a helm seat running down the middle, and padded benches towards the rear, and like jet skis, has handlebars for better control and handling. Its sleek design also makes parking into any tender garage easily, despite its larger size.  

Pricing information is only available by request, but expect to pay an onwards of approx. THB 2,727,445 for the base model. 



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