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Project Neptune submarine is underway with Aston Martin and Triton

The luxury automotive industry is forever revolutionising the way one travels. With Volvo already talking about its own concept of a self-driven car, it wouldn’t take long for one to realise that there is more than just one way to travel. Aston Martin is looking to change that, taking things from the highway to the deep blue sea with Project Neptune.

Aston Martin is known for its many appearances in James Bond movies, acting almost as Bond’s sidekick on more than one occasion. You may even see one in the next Bond movie soon when Project Neptune comes to life. The joint project between both Aston Martin and Triton Submarines will bring this limited edition submarine from concept to creation.

Aside from being able to fit three passengers in total, Project Neptune is also capable of staying underwater for up to eight hours — diving as deep as 500 metres. Triton Submarines continues to put function above form while Aston Martin comes into play in the aesthetic department. The British carmaker will be redesigning the otherwise standard look of a Triton submarine with its very own design as well as giving its interior a new facelift.

This includes a luxurious mix of hand-stitched leather with high-performance carbon fibre, a combination that is a signature of Aston Martin. It will also provide a safe and comfortable environment within the submarine, whilst offering passengers a near 360º visibility.

Project Neptune will also have a top speed of five knots, which may not seem like much to begin with. However, Triton Submarines ensures that it is four times the acceleration of its flagship model, the Triton 3300/3.

For now, Project Neptune is available for purchase, either through an Aston Martin dealer or a Triton Submarines’ representative. What is still unknown is its price tag, which should cost quite a large sum.


Project Neptune submarine is underway with Aston Martin and Triton

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