It might seem obvious that the vast ocean would be the most inviting place for a dip when you’re out sailing on a luxury vessel. But for the privileged few who own one, having saltwater in their hair might not be an ideal way to kickstart their sun-soaked Instagram journey — which calls for some seriously impressive superyacht pools on board.

If you, like us, can’t imagine giving up the crystal clear waters of the Caribbean or Mediterranean for a soak in chlorinated water, these superyacht pools will definitely change your mind. Trending now as the new epitome of extravagance and maritime luxury, an increasing number of yacht designers and manufacturers have been challenged with the task of crafting on-deck pools that look just as put together as the rest of its multimillion-dollar boat. 

Mere jacuzzis have now made way for pools that feature waterfalls, swim-up bars, and even infinity edges so guests can fully immerse in the endless ocean without having to leave the boat.

Here are some that will induce serious sailing envy.