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5 electric lunch boxes to bring to your office

Electric lunch boxes give you the joy of bringing your home-cooked food to work while saying goodbye to cold lunch. Here’s where you can get them.

Don’t worry if you have no idea what an electric lunch box is, we’ll fill you in. It’s a lunch box that connects and uses electricity to either heat or cook your lunch. With work-from-home restrictions easing up in Bangkok, many of us are heading back to the office. And of course, one of our workday concerns would be about lunchtime. We no longer have the perk of any time access to our kitchen to whip up a meal. Although we have the convenience of takeaways at our disposal, the new normal has changed our perception of that. So if you prefer or plan to bring your lunch to the workplace, here’s a list of electric lunch boxes to keep on your radar. They’ll certainly transform your everyday office lunch.

[Hero Image Credit: HOTLOGIC, Featured Image Credit: Instagram @hazeldiary_]

You might have come across Itaki Co Pro Electric Lunch Box if you love watching food-related content on YouTube. It lets you cook your meal with minimal supervision, even when you’re driving. Whether it’s leftovers, fresh ingredients, or from scratch, you can cook anything whenever you want in as little as 30 minutes. Besides, there are four universal plug types for you to choose from, too.

[Image Credit: Itaki Co]

Approx. THB 3,000

Say goodbye to cold centres and burnt edges with HOTLOGIC’s Mini Oven. Although it requires you to use your container, this portable oven brings your meal to the ideal temperature and keeps it hot for hours without overcooking or drying. Also, you can choose your favourite colour from their palette to suit your style.

[Image Credit: HOTLOGIC]

Approx. THB 1,670

Bear Electric Lunch Box will have all of your colleagues asking about it. For egg lovers, the lunch box comes with an egg tier for you to easily boil the eggs to your liking. Besides, there’s a leak-proof seal so rest assured that every drop of your delicious soup will not be wasted while running at work.

[Image Credit: Bear Thailand]

THB 1,760

Liven Electric Lunch Box makes the fabulous back-to-the-office lunch for busy people with a big appetite. This spacious but compact food box is easy to clean and contains several parts of your luncheon. Regardless of the cooking time, it has water shortage protection that will eliminate dry burning and hence not ruin your scrumptious lunch.

[Image Credit: Liven]

THB 1,999

HOMU Electric Lunch Box has you just minutes away from ‘mmm’ without leaving your desk. Its portable design will bring your comfort of flavourful meals on the go without any hassle. What’s more, it’s lightweight and made from high-temperature resistance materials, too.

[Image Credit: HOMU]

THB 1,500
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