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Good Life Gadgets: 5 tools every digital content creator needs to level up their game

Nowadays, everyone either is a content creator or wants to be a content creator — and to be honest, it’s not that troublesome anymore.

Thanks to technology advancing by leaps every year, creating online content has become much easier and more affordable, too. Nevertheless, it’s become quite competitive out there in the digital world so it’s time to level up.

Whilst you no longer need to save up to purchase a heavy 4K video camera, it is really using to invest in some phone filming accessories to bring up your content creation game. We’ve rounded up some of the most useful accessories, from gimbals to tripods. Here’s what you need.

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Need to keep your camera steady and eliminate those jerky movements? Yes, shaky videos are so last year. Whether you are creating a blog or you need to take heavy footage in motion, you will need a gimbal to stabilise your video shots. Keeping it smooth and steadfast, gimbals ensure you can pan and tilt all the way you like while maintaining that dynamic shot. The DJI Oslo Mobile 3 is an efficient smartphone stabiliser that is lightweight and highly customisable. Simply move it through 90 degrees for seamless switching between landscape and portrait and use its app to connect your phone to the Osmo via Bluetooth — and you’re sorted.

Price: THB 4,090

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The most OG and one of the most essential tools is a tripod. Whether you are filming a video podcast or you’re recording an interview, you can control it all when you have a tripod. Having a tripod puts everything in place. The Huawei Wireless Bluetooth Tripod is an apt one that rotates 360 degrees and can be easily adjusted for all the pans and tilts you want.

Price: THB 990

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Lighting is crucial. Trust us when we say it can change the entire look of the content. Sadly, it is often overlooked and it is also the major tool that distinguishes an amateur from a professional content creator. The LED Ring light helps balance the lighting and evenly distributes the light from every corner — whether you are doing a Facebook Live video or photography for your product. The Godox LED Ring Light is great for adjusting the temperature colour from 3300 to 8000K and dimming from 10 to 100%, making it ideal for every type of content creation.

Price: THB 3590

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If you feel like you need more swift gear than a gimbal, then this Pro Smartphone Video stabiliser is another way to bounce. This pro device can be fixed with a phone or even a camera, and can be mounted with LED lights and a video microphone as you like. It’s really about filming on-the-go, keeping your shots steady whilst allowing you to twist and turn for any sort of angle on dual handgrip control.

Price: THB 2,840

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Having clean, crisp audio is as necessary as having a striking visual. Whether you are rolling towards recording your voice for a podcast or voice-over for videos, this microphone will give you professional-like audio keeping away the background noises. The microphone from Audio Technica comes with a built-in headphone jack and volume control options so it monitors your USB microphone’s output without any audible delay. It is easily adjustable on desks or tabletops, making it a versatile content creation microphone.

Price: THB 3,790

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