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5 wireless speakers that will elevate your home music game

Whilst music is seemingly all around us, we all tend to hide under our headphones to groove to our personal playlist. We can’t deny that listening to music on high volume is much more exciting, but smartphone speakers aren’t sufficient when it comes to sharing music without skipping a beat. So whether you are planning to throw a beach party this summer or want to set the mood for a bonfire at camp, taking music on-the-go has never been easier with wireless speakers playing your tunes. Whilst performance and functionality are key while purchasing, you’ll also want to flaunt that aesthetically bold beauty elegantly sitting in the room. If you are on a lookout for something that does more than just playing your favourite song, we’ve put together a list of wireless speakers you need to check out. From premium to playful, these will definitely elevate your music experience.

[Hero and Featured image credit: Jarre Technologies]

Aero Bull HD1

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Who let the dogs out? We are already imagining this song being played on this mischievous-looking bulldog that breathes only music. A man’s best friend, this Aero Bull HD1 is fast and furious,  with an electro-acoustic mastery. Using Jarre Technologies, Aero Bull HD 1 (THB 65,021) wireless speaker blasts out crystalline aerial sound with a completely articulated bass, via its 2.1 stereo system. Not only does it look stylish, the speaker delivers a performance of 200-watt with HD1 electronics platform too, that customises digital signal processing algorithms, providing immense clarity. Compatible with all smartphones and tablets via Bluetooth or line-in from an alternative audio source, if you are looking for a sophisticated yet cool speaker, this exclusive model is available in red, white, and matt black.  

Available to purchase at UBuy or at Aerobull 

Zoeao Domie Grava Star Robot-Like Bluetooth Speaker 

Wireless speakers, speakers, bluetooth, travel speakers, party speakers, technology, smart speakers, Grava star

This alien-like speaker will turn your bedroom into a sci-fi movie set.  The intriguing Domie GravaStar Robot-like Bluetooth Speaker (THB 7,990) is sure to satisfy your inner tech-geek. With meticulous detail and innovative design, this reinvention inspired by futuristic science fiction games comes with built-in psychedelic lights. You may mistake it for a drone, but its three-joint leg ensures that the speaker is adjustable to any surface. The spherical body is designed in a way to resonate sound waves that enhances its audio, and it can remain stable even with a heavy bass at a high volume. Keep in mind it’s no toy as its solid metal exterior is powerful enough to hold 20W for up to 30 hours on its battery.  

Available to purchase at at Zoeao and iStudio by Copperwired.

Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 Portable Waterproof Bluetooth Speaker 

Wireless speakers, speakers, bluetooth, travel speakers, party speakers, technology, smart speakers, Ultimate Ears Boom 3

Keeping up with life’s thrills and chills, this portable device is the one for adventurous enthusiasts out there. The Ultimate Eats BOOM 3 (THB 5,290 – 5,990) is back with its third edition, as a waterproof Bluetooth speaker. It is your faithful friend who will ensure your music plays anywhere and everywhere, thanks to its iconic cylindrical design that radiates the stereophonic audio in 360 degrees. Loud and proud, this one is born to be underwater, given its impressive IP67 waterfront and dust-proof rating, with ability to submerge and pop back up and float, too. Planning a block party? No problem. Be the DJ at your party with their BOOM and MEGABOOM app that makes it easier to switch between songs with direct access to your playlist. Their killer battery pumps for up to 15 hours, and runs on the same battery technology as some of the most highly desired electric cars. The Ultimate Ears BOOM 3 is compatible with Apple Music and Deezer Premium for Android users. Its sleek, rugged design comes in many colours, and don’t forget to grab the Throw Power Up charging dock along to charge on-the-go.  

Available to purchase at Apple store or Dotlife 

Apple Homepod  

Wireless speakers, speakers, bluetooth, travel speakers, party speakers, technology, smart speakers, apple homepod

“Hey Siri, play my latest playlist.” Siri is your loyal friend who will always prioritise your needs before anything, elevating your music experience over other smart speakers. Deeply intuitive, Apple’s Homepod (THB 17,900) comes with a premium audio quality not only acting as your personal music guru, but also to running your endless errands via its Siri technology. It comes as no surprise that the design is sleek in a mesh fabric that blends seamlessly in space grey or white. It’s more than just a wireless speaker. It’s an intelligent home assistant that performs all its tasks by detecting your voice while flaunting a high-excursion woofer with custom amplifier. This one is the most music-oriented smart speaker in the market right now and a worthy-purchase, assuming you are already in the Apple ecosystem. Apple puts the woofer at the top and tweeters at the bottom for a more effective control system, which makes the most out of its deep bass and vocals, unlike other conventional speakers.  

Available to purchase at Apple Store or Groov 

JBL Pulse 3  

Wireless speakers, speakers, bluetooth, travel speakers, party speakers, technology, smart speakers, JBL pulse 3

Sensation sound coupled with an interactive vivid show, JBL Pulse 3 (THB 8999) is beating all the odds with its high-key Prism colour sensor lens that will make any party (quite literally) lit. With the click of a button, toggle through the 12 different light shows using their app — including fireworks and rain showers — as these LED lights makes JBL’s wireless speaker a standout. Spill or submerge it in water — it’s completely waterproof with crystal clear sound given its echo-canceling speakerphone that also receives calls from your smartphones. Siri and Google can also be easily accessed, and, not to mention, JBL Pulse 2 can also be linked to more than 100 JBL Connect+ enabled speakers to amplify the experience. The built-in rechargeable battery plays up to 10 hours, setting the perfect ambiance for your candlelight dinners or your housewarming parties.   

Available to purchase at JBL or at PowerBuy.

Alisha Pawa
Alisha is a passionate dancer and is always creating her own choreographies. She is a fan of rom-com novels, a coffee-drinker who loves tea, and is always on-the-go for her midnight chocolate cravings. She hopes to tick-off her never-ending bucket list one day by hosting her own travel show.
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