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Google Pay and Wallet has launched in Thailand

PromptPay and other cashless options rose in popularity due to the pandemic, and now Google Pay and Wallet has jumped into the fray. The Android apps were launched with Bangkok Bank and KTC as its first partners.

The pandemic instilled a fear of cash in everyone, and while contactless payment options were widely available in other countries, Thailand only saw it boom during Covid. PromptPay and mobile banking has now become an integral part of our lives. Now, Google Pay is levelling up mobile contactless payments by putting everything in just one app, and while apps like these are commonplace outside of Thailand, the Android app just launched recently much to the delight of residents and Android users… and to the chagrin of Apple users.

google pay wallet thailand
Image credit: Clay Banks/Unsplash

Google Pay and Wallet launches in Thailand

The Google Pay app was launched back in September 19, 2001 that allows users to pay using Android devices, whether it’s their phone, watch, or tablet. For years, the app has been widely used except in Thailand because, y’know, it’s Thailand. But now, it’s finally here, and it makes payments even easier than scanning a QR code.

Users will be able to store credit cards and make payments with a simple tap of the phone or their watch. Cardless ATM has been introduced by many banks, but with Google Pay, carrying your credit cards around will also no longer be necessary. Right now, it’s limited to only Bangkok Bank and KTC credit cards. Hopefully, they’ll add more banks soon. It’s also not possible to store debit cards, at least for now, though rumours say it’s coming soon.

Aside from payments, Google Wallet also allows you to store boarding passes, eliminating the need for paper passes when flying making travelling a tad easier. 

See Google Pay in action with YouTuber Milk Komson’s video who tested it out.

Download Google Wallet here

Google Pay and Wallet has launched in Thailand

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