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Review: Staying on the flip side with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

Tech review: One of the most highly-anticipated phones has been launched, and we’ve got our hands on it. The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, with its new compact flagship that literally folds in half and costs THB 38,900. Here’s what we really think.

Every millennial and twenty-first-century tech geek is familiar with the iconic flip phone. During its prime, it boasted a shell-like, half-screen-half-button pad design. While on the outside, lay a tiny monochromatic LED cover screen which let you peek at your SMS notifications and missed calls, all over a sleek and compact form. But the real magic was inside, as you’d be flipping it open, you’d be greeted by a 30%-40% bump in real estate promising a bigger display and button pad than any other mobile phone in its league or even era. Fast forward to 2022, and foldable smartphones, much like the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, have revived and are keeping this iconic silhouette alive along with its one-of-a-kind foldable experience. Of course, with a bunch of new nifty tricks, a snazzy design, and a near-flagship-grade camera.

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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 review: Camera, storage, price, and more

samsung galaxu z flip4

If the Z Fold4 was about maximising screenspace and productivity, the ZFlip 4 is about sass and staying pocket-friendly. Its compatibility is undeniably my favourite aspect of the device – It cuts the bulge, and weight, and fits even in your shirt pocket. But hey, we’re no stranger to mini smartphones, but the fact that the Z Flip4 literally doubles up in real estate by folding open certainly takes things to a whole new level. Also, while its predecessor, the Z Flip3 was already quite a hit, this year’s version simply betters what’s already brilliant. It may not be a revolutionary upgrade or a giant leap but there are a handful of trims and tricks in all the right places.

All in all, there are certain deets about the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4 we love, but others, not so much. Here’s a deep dive.

samsung galaxu z flip4

Let’s talk design. Incase you’re wondering, no, you can’t do the old sassy wrist-flick trick and open your flip phone. It’s because well, a foldable display is understandably quite delicate and it’s mechanism uses a really stiff external hinge. However, Samsung compensate for that by delivering Gorilla Glass Victus+ and the hinge and corners are crafted out of Armor Alluminium. This ensures a superb scratch resistance and exterior toughness.

The plus point of this tough hinge is also that you can bend the upper half of your device to suit the angle of your view or working. Let’s say you’re taking a video call on this device instead of a laptop. Instead of awkwardly holding it up, you can flip open the device half way through, adjust your camera angle as per your preference, and elimate the need for a tripod. There’s more this trick comes with, I’ll get to it in a bit. Also, tiny irk – I understand that Samsung swapped out the glossy panels for matte with this model but the fingerprint stains are still a bit stubborn. You may find yourself wiping it every now and then. Finally, just know that when folded, it may be slightly thicker than the average smartphone, so expect a subtle bulge.

samsung galaxu z flip4

The 6.7″ Dynamic AMOLED 2X primary display is brilliant in every sense of the word. Using Gorilla Glass Victus+, it’s considerably smoother at 120-Hz and scratch free. However, you do feel the fold bump on the screen. While content is being displayed, not so much, but while you slide your finger across the screen, it’s unmissable. But well, it’s much longer than most smartphones today and this gives it a serious edge when gaming and streaming content.

The camera department is no slouch either. While Samsung claim that they’re bringing in the flagship lens into this build, it isn’t their top-of-the-line Ultra, instead the younger sibling Plus. Regardless, no compaints in terms of quality, it’s still a great dual 12-MP setup and it certainly packs a punch. Flip open for selfies and you can expect a 10-MP front lens. The main attraction however in the camera department, isn’t hardware, but instead a neat software trick. Introdicing FlexCam, designed to deliver 180-degree camera angles and to eliminate the need of tripods. Place it on a surface, set a timer, and say cheese. You’ll love it. Another interesting feat is that the cover display allows you to use the rear cameras for selfie too. I wished the front display had a shutter button though, this leaves you with no option but to use it on timer.

samsung galaxu z flip4

On days where you’d like to detox from overspending time on digital activities but still would like to see important updates, the Cover Display is there to your rescue. It’s highly mindful of what to show and how much of it. You can browse through your notifications, calendar, music player, timer, and a few more apps, and even customise your widgets. It’s neat, efficient, and mindful.

In terms of on-paper specs, you can expect 8-GB of RAM, 128-GB/256-GB storage variants, and a 3700-mAh battery pack. I expected some more juice but however, it’s  still a tiny smartphone so how big a battery can it fit?

If you’re looking to buy the Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4, check out all its versions and additional details at Samsing Thailand.

Review: Staying on the flip side with Samsung Galaxy Z Flip4

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