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You can now own a smart face mask that can speak 8 languages

Could this be your new Alexa?

There’s no denying that it’s harder to communicate while wearing a mask. To make it easier for all of us, Japanese engineers have created a connected mask that can translate speech into eight different languages.

Whether in terms of gastronomy or technology, the Japanese never seem to run out of innovative ideas. The current context of the covid-19 pandemic and the widespread wearing of masks proves to be no exception.

A few months ago, Japanese engineers imagined and designed a smart facial mask connected to an app that makes it capable of transcribing dictation, amplifying the wearer’s voice, and translating speech into eight different languages (Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Vietnamese, Indonesian, English, Spanish and French.) It’s a good way to communicate more clearly with those we meet in stores or on the street without removing our masks.

Called “C-Mask,” the unit is made of white plastic and silicone. It carries an integrated microphone that connects to the wearer’s smartphone via Bluetooth. Be warned, however: this connected mask does not provide protection against the virus. Taisuke Ono, Donut Robotics’ CEO, clarified that it is designed to be worn over a standard face mask.

The first models of these masks will be sold for about US$40 and will be available in Japan in September. They are expected to be released in China, the United States and Europe at a later date.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews.