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Where to buy a ring light for your selfies, Zoom calls, and TikToks

Without a ring light, there is no way you’ll get a good quality selfie.

You need a ring light if you want to up your selfie, con call, or TikTok game, and there are tons of benefits that a ring light can offer. It gives you great close-up lighting, eliminates any harsh shadows, and ensures evenly distributed light. Especially as we’re staying home more and seeing ourselves on screen, a ring light has become an essential item. Here’s where you can order some of the best ring lights online.

[Hero Image Credit: Mikhail Nilov/Pexels; Featured Image Credit: Anete Lusina/Pexels]


For first-time users, the VIJIM clip-on ring light will make your life so much easier. Whether it’s for your online classes or Zoom meetings, there is no need to waste time beforehand to find a spot with adequate light and set up a large ring light. This one just easily clips onto whatever screen you’re using. Also, it’s USB-powered so you can charge it with a laptop or even a power bank and use it on-the-go.

[Image Credit: VIJIM]

THB 1,172
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If you want to level up your selfies or videos to something a little more fancy, opt for the Borofone ring light. The RGB mode is the highlight here, where you can switch up 7 different colours or even turn your ring light into a rainbow. They are the perfect filters for your more creative content.

[Image Credit: Borofone]

THB 890
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The lighting of this Puluz ring light will make you shine bright in your selfies. Not only does it help to restore true colours, but it also provides a beauty effect that can really make your makeup pop. Moreover, the phone holder supports both vertical and horizontal shooting. Perfect for live shows, make-up tutorials, and portrait shooting.

[Image Credit: Puluz]

THB 1,890
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This Rock light features three phone holders, so you can position your smartphone in various positions for multiple shooting angles. It stands alone so you can position it anywhere and film together with your friends and family in a wider frame. In addition, the Bluetooth remote control will serve you greater convenience for selfies and video recording.

[Image Credit: Rock Official Store]

THB 1,599
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The Zomei ring light will give you a high-definition selfie. Unlike the other types of ring lights, it has a 360-degree rotation angle and is adjustable on a scale of 1 to 100% luminance. It’s perfect for those who like to pay a lot of attention to detail.

[Image Credit: Zomei]

THB 4,500
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