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Love playing Wordle? Try these 9 other games, from Word-Leh to Sweardle

Plenty have tried their hand at cracking the word of the day on Wordle, the viral New York Times word guessing game. If you are looking for Wordle alternatives or similar games, try these nine below.

For the unversed, Wordle is a word guessing game like a crossword. This game gives the player as many as six chances to work out the five-letter word. If you’re addicted and want to put your linguistic skills to test even further, hit up these equally tricky alternatives to Wordle.

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9 exciting Wordle alternatives to try today:



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As ‘absurd’ as it sounds, Absurdle is quite a difficult game. Similar to Wordle, the catch is that the user gets one chance to guess the word. With every failed guess, Absurdle changes the word depending upon which of the green or yellow words you were able to guess. But the fun part is you can keep guessing throughout the day.

Play here



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This alternative of Wordle is everything if you’re a fan of competitions. Here, you won’t just be able to guess the word with the help of green or yellow boxes but will be doing it with other players. These players will be attempting to guess the word along with you, and you will be scored on the basis of ‘who guessed it first’.

Play here


Image: courtesy WordleCup

Unlike Wordle, WordleCup lets the player guess the words with more than five letters. However, that’s not all. This game enables the player to enter into a tournament of word guessing, hence the name WordleCup. Another special thing about this alternative is that one can pick the length of the words and even the number of rounds.

Play here

Dordle and Quordle

Dordle and Quordle enable the player to guess more than one word at a time. Both function with five-letter words, and Dordle lets you have seven chances, meanwhile Quordle gives nine chances. But the catch is that you need to guess Dordle and Quordle words with similar letters, and you need to solve one game at the same time.

Play Duordle here

Play Quordle here

Wordle Unlimited

Image: Courtesy wordleunlimited.com

This one is best for those who want multiple attempts to different words in place of just waiting for one word for 24 hours. This version of the guessing games comes with new features like you can play it with your friends online by challenging them.

Play here


Out of every other word guessing game, this one’s pretty interesting because of its genre. Yes, Sweardle is not just a random word game. It enables the players to guess swear words instead of the usual words. However, the whole format is similar to Wordle with the same green and yellow colour boxes.

Play here


Image: courtesy reversle.net

Reversal is that clone of Wordle which provides the users with an instant solution to their guessing word at that time. Like other alternatives, Reversal does not ask the player to get the previous words right in order to attempt another one which keeps the interest alive. This game even displays empty grey, yellow and green squares like Wordle.

Play here


Image: Courtesy crosswordle.mekoppe.com

As the name suggests, this game works like Wordle with a Sudoko twist. Here, the user can guess the word with a few hints provided on the side. Also, Crosswordle comes with a timer for you to add to the thrill.

Play here


This is one that the most Singaporean of Singaporeans would enjoy. The gameplay might be exactly the same as Wordle, but Word-Leh counts on your knowledge of Singlish to guess the local slang of the day. Expect words like makan, bojio, and shiok to make the list.

Play here

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