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A Chinese company has unveiled a robot unicorn, and we kind of want it

Perhaps unicorns can be real after all? By the looks of it, at least robot unicorns may be.

Chinese company Xpeng has just offered a first look at its robot-unicorn project, a future mobility device designed for children to ride. But what is getting a lot of attention is the attempt of the makers to create a high-level smart mobility ecosystem with the toy since, according to the first images posted online, it has the ability to interact emotionally with its young owners.

From dog-bots to unicorn robots

After the dog-bots and the lizard-bots, now it’s time for the unicorn-bots, Xpeng Robotics, a Chinese manufacturer of electric vehicles, has given a preview of its next project, which, for the Chinese group, represents the future of mobility. The Asian company plans to market this four-legged unicorn robot for children as soon as possible, although no production schedule has been announced.

The company has indicated that the smart pony, dubbed “Little White Dragon,” is equipped with power modules, motion control, smart navigation and intelligent emotional interaction capabilities. The robot can interact with its environment, detect obstacles to avoid, as well as react to a human’s voice, touch and body language.

Part of a smart mobility ecosystem

The Chinese electric vehicle maker said it plans to release a four-legged robot pony aimed at children, which it hopes will become their first ‘smart vehicle.’ While Xpeng did not show off a physical version of the robot pony, it did release a video and photos of the toy. The company also did not reveal the dimensions of the product, but the video shows that it is as big as a child and intended to be ridden by one.

Co-founder and CEO of Guangzhou-based Xpeng indicated on social network Weibo that the company would use its capabilities in autonomous driving, voice recognition and smart manufacturing” to enter the field of robotics.

The objective of this rideable robot is above all to help build a whole intelligent eco-system that can then be reused for other products from the Chinese brand. The CEO stressed the importance of being able to interact with humans at a high emotional level. So your child’s next four-legged best friend may well be a robot that looks more like a unicorn than a dog.

This article is published via AFP Relaxnews. 

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