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5 chess sets to keep you busy in lockdown

Bored from the same activities? You might want to pick up chess.

After being in and out of lockdowns and near lockdowns for around a year and a half now we have gotten the hold. Some days we’d just want to laze around, order some food and plant ourselves in front of the TV all day. But completing puzzles and baking are so yesterday. Why don’t you exercise your brain with a game of chess?

The two-player game is a great way to connect and use your downtime wisely. Although there are many sets available, from the classic to the more modern ones, you would want the one you have to match your aesthetic. It should match your personality and the pieces should feel good in your hand. Here are some chess sets available online that will keep you occupied during the lockdown.

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A beautiful chess set should not only compliment the aesthetic of your home. It should also feel good in your hands. The wooden chess piece is not only a classic, but it has become increasingly more difficult to find. The foldable chessboard can be quickly packed up and stored away for convenience with the beauty remaining intact.

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The popular building sets have come out with multiple of their own chess sets. With multiple purposes, being able to use it for chess and checkers, this set includes over 1,400 pieces. Both the chessboards and playing pieces are buildable and once build the pieces can be stored within the chess set itself. Produced with both convenience and style in mind, this Chess set will be the one that could wow your friends.

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Alternating with clear glass and frosted glass this chessboard is one of pure elegance. No matter where you’re playing your chess, it will always go with your décor. Crafted from crystal glass, this set is perfect for a more refined setting. Whether you are playing with friends or playing more seriously, the delicate feeling of the set will make sure the piece feel like they belong in your hands.

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In collaboration with the popular books and movies, Harry Potter and LEGO have come out with a Lego-style chess set. The famous scene in Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone has been one we all remember. With your favourite characters like Harry Potter, Ron Weasley and Hermione Granger, the chess contains 32 buildable characters along with the buildable board. The wizarding chess set makes sure they captivate the fans of both the book and the movies.

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With lockdown measures being put in place maybe style isn’t the only thing we care about. With the limited contacts we have with friends, playing games could be one way to keep in contact with them. Through the power of technology, we can play games with our friends no matter how far away we are. By downloading these games, we can stay on, pestering friends until they reply.

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