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5 Things Pitchayatep Yuktasevi can’t live without

Our digital cover star Pitchayatep Yuktasevi shares with us the five most important essentials he cannot live without.

When it comes to living the good life, few things offer as much insight into the essentials of our lifestyle gurus. From his long-standing love for British school ties, to why he opts for glasses over contacts, fourth-gen Mali heir Pitchayatep Yuktasevi shares with us his top five items that he cannot imagine living without.

Outfits from Vvon Sugunnasil

A big advocate of the dress shirt meets chinos combo, you’ll be hard-pressed to catch Pitch out and about without them. Though he does have his go-to brands — cue Ralph Lauren, Saint Laurent, and even a brief Supreme phase —  he has a particular fondness for the bespoke tailoring by Vvon Sugunnasil. And in truth, we completely get the love. Since 2014, the Bangkok-based fashion house has been making some of the most flattering garments in the region. From crisp, hand-cut suits, to more laid-back daily wear, expect a sleek, contemporary twist on classic French tailoring.

British school ties

A mark of membership at some of the most well-established British schools, school ties hold a special place in Pitch’s heart. Having spent years studying in the U.K, his collection is pretty memorable, and he still wears them today — often to more formal events or family affairs. Our cover star laments having recently misplaced his tie from Sunningdale School, and is adamant about finding it again.

His contact lenses

Image Credit: Jeremy Bezanger/Unsplash

“I cannot live without them,” he laughs, “I’m legally blind in England, actually. My eyesight is minus nine hundred and twenty-five as of late, so I’m practically useless without my lenses.” As for whether he’s in the contacts or glasses camp, Pitch shares a humorous anecdote about being virtually unrecognisable in glasses. “I had this run-in once when I decided to try my hand at wearing glasses again at school back in the day. My friends sat away from me, and even the teacher thought I was new.”

His phone

Image Credit: Bagus Hernawan/Unsplash

A sign of his busy, go-getting nature, the young businessman rarely ventures anywhere without his phone on hand. “In this day and age, just the fact that we’re so connected makes it essential,” he explains. Pitch also likes its versatility, much like a one-stop gadget for all his daily needs.

A bed

Image Credit: Deconovo/Unsplash

Ever the believer of work-life balance, Pitch jokingly lists his bed at home as among his essentials in life. “I’m used to the rock-hard concrete beds at school, so now that I’m back in Thailand, I indulge myself in the soft ones. My pillows would be made from duck feathers and everything.” Though he hasn’t reached the degree of securing himself a water bed, who knows? The option is definitely a viable one.

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