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Pieces your home absolutely needs from Poltrona Frau’s 2021 collection

Time to start tidying up and revamping the space as we enter the last curve of 2021. For some inspiration, check out the best pieces from Poltrona Frau’s 2021 collection, Take Your Time, to bring comfort to your dream home.

As we grow older, we start putting more care into our surroundings. Perhaps it began by picking a pretty painting replica for our rooms, or maybe a good scented candle as a treat for ourselves. Then we start to move on to larger pieces; investment buys that will last for many years to come. 

poltrona frau's 2021 collection shelf
Poltrona Frau’s Peek-a-Book office desk with Ginger Ale armchair

When it comes to choosing a piece of furniture or a decor piece, there should be a good balance between form and function. Essentially that’s what good design is: ease and ergonomy that compliments the room it is in. A poorly designed sofa and a coffee table that is too high or too low can affect your posture and your backs, while a lamp with a peculiar height can cast shadows on the pages, you are reading or cause discomfort for the eyes. 

poltrona frau's 2021 collection

If you are looking for good investment pieces but not sure where to start, Poltrona Frau’s 2021 collection offers luxury designs that complement the space and your lifestyle. Titled ‘Take Your Time’, the collection features iconic pieces from Poltrona Frau that can be adapted into various interior styles to elevate the mood and tone of your home. There’s undoubtedly something classic to them, yet the designs remain ultra-modern and chic with lovely curves and lines. Check out the collection in various moods and times of the day with this interactive storytelling video, or discover the pieces below:

If you’re still unsure how the pieces from Poltrona Frau’s 2021 collection will look in a real space, this chic room at 565 Broome SoHo’s luxury condominium designed by Renzo Piano will give you a good idea. 

For more information or to shop the furniture, visit LIM (Less Is More).

(Images: LIM (Less Is More), Poltrona Frau)

Pieces your home absolutely needs from Poltrona Frau’s 2021 collection

Nicharee Phatitit

Print and multimedia content creator Nicharee is a journalist, translator and copywriter who has written extensively for several of Thailand's prominent lifestyle publications and luxury beauty brands. In her free time, she enjoys doing interior styling and writing English and Korean poetry.

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