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10 real Bangkok horror stories to get you in the mood for Halloween

Halloween is just a few weeks away, and to get you in the mood, we sussed out some of the scariest Bangkok horror stories, inspired by world-famous horror movies.

What do Nightmare on Elm Street, Resident Evil, and Frankenstein have in common with life in Bangkok? More than you might think.

This October, we’re getting our spooky on, and gearing up with every local’s favourite obsession: scary stories. Below, we adapted some of the most famous horror movies of all time, and linked them to relatable Bangkok scenarios.

Imagine it like a written, localised version of that awful Scary Movie franchise. Just as awful, and just as frightening, read on and be freaked out by how hard you relate.

10 Bangkok horror stories, inspired by famous movies

bangkok horror stories inspired by famous horror movies nightmare on elm street
A Nightmare on Elm Street (New Line Cinema)

Nightmare on Sukhumvit Road

You have a 9am meeting across town, so naturally you’ve been on the road since 7am. Just as you’re about to hit the final stretch, the soi ahead is flooded. You’re wearing your favourite suede shoes, and the water is starting to pour in. Will you make it? Spoiler alert: no.

Jennifer’s Body After Eating Too Much Mala

You signed up for an early morning F45 class, and in true F45 style, everyone is really attractive. Unfortunately, you ate a very suspicious Mala hotpot meal last night, and it’s starting to make your stomach feel funny. You try to hold it in and look cool. How will this end? Spoiler alert: not pretty.

bangkok horror stories inspired by famous horror movies jennifer's body
Jennifer’s Body (20th Century Fox)

BTS Train to Busan

It’s peak rush hour and you need to take the BTS and change at Siam. You’re squished up against the window, because it is overly crowded. Tourists around you aren’t wearing masks, and they start coughing onto your eyeball. A teenager is leaning against the poles and completely blocking them. The train keeps unexpectedly stopping. Will you lose your cool? Spoiler alert: yes.

Alien vs. Predator in Lumpini Park

You’re on your morning run at Lumpini Park, but today the Komodo dragon is eyeing you differently. He starts following you, and he is surprisingly fast. He’s whipping his tail about. He’s hissing his long, dark, tongue out at you. Will you make it? Spoiler alert: Komodo dragons are not vegetarian.

bangkok horror stories inspired by famous horror movies train to busan
Train to Busan (via Netflix)

Resident Evil at Your Condo

You just moved into a glitzy new building in the business district, but this one aunty keeps complaining about your late night guests, and online shopping delivery packages. She starts gathering up a crowd to protest against you. They all give you evil side glances in the elevator. Will you be able to fight them? Spoiler alert: nobody can stand the wrath of Judgemental Asian Aunty.

Frankenstein’s Fillers

You just got fillers at a discount inside a really dodgy place. No spoilers needed here. Sorry about your face.

bangkok horror stories inspired by famous horror movies the purge
The Purge (Universal Pictures)

The Durian Purge

You go on a road trip with some friends but someone is secretly carrying durian in their luggage. It’s hot, and the car starts to smell. Everybody starts to get headaches. Vomiting ensues. You have a choice: eat all of it and fumigate your car, or unfriend the traitor forever. Spoiler alert: the air is not cleared.

The Conjuring at Family Reunion Dinner

You show up at the annual family reunion dinner without a boyfriend/girlfriend, no promotion/salary raise at work, and you don’t have a baby. Spoiler alert: this horror story ends with a wedding to your family friend.

bangkok horror stories inspired by famous horror movies the conjuring
The Conjuring (Warner Bros. Pictures)

Healthland Scream

You decide to get a Thai massage and don’t specify for them to go easy on you. You are bent like a pretzel and unable to get back to your non-disfigured self. You’re sweating. The masseuse shows no mercy. Will you get feeling in your legs again? Spoiler alert: no.

Zombieland in The Fields

You’re at Wonderfruit and you’ve been partying all night. The sun is rising, and everybody is drumming as the sky turns shades of orange. Nobody has slept, everyone is thirsty, and several of you will pass out in the sweet embrace of the grass in the fields. Spoiler alert: you buy tickets for next year on the way out, because actually, you’re crazy.

10 real Bangkok horror stories to get you in the mood for Halloween

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