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Movies that feature endearing elephants for World Elephant Day

Celebrate World Elephant Day with these elephantastic movies & TV shows. 

World Elephant Day exists and is celebrated to honour elephants and raise awareness of the critical threats they face. 

Although we may not be able to visit our proboscidean pals at their sanctuary, we can still commemorate WED and the Land of Smiles’ national animal by watching (and obsessing over!) our favourite tuskers on screen. If you’ve never celebrated WED, make this your first year and make it good!

Apart from maybe singing and jamming to the all-time banger Chang, Chang, Chang, we’ve compiled a list of movies that feature the most endearing elephants for you to watch tonight, or whenever.

[Hero/featured Image Credit: Nam Anh/Unsplash]

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Let’s start local. What better movie to watch than the Thai computer-animated feature film Khan Kluay (2006)? Not only is this film revolved fully around tuskers, but the protagonist is guaranteed the cutest fictional elephant you’ve ever seen on screen. 

This blockbuster Thai-language animation was a global hit and was released as Jumbo in India and The Blue Elephant in the United States. If you watch this movie and decide you want more TV content featuring these adorable, animated elephants, head over to watch Khan Kluay 2 (2009) and The Adventures of Khan Kluay (2006). 

Watch it on: Netflix 

[Image credit: Thai Blogs]

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If you’re a fan of documentaries or you’re looking for something more biographical, watch Elephant (2020) to follow the adventuresome journey of African elephant Shani and her mettlesome son Jomo as they tread along South Africa across the boundless Kalahari Desert. Written by Mark Leinfield and produced by Disneynature, this documentary-based film is a CinEuphoria award-winner for the category of Best Documentary – International Competition. 

Even if you’re simply a fan of The Duchess of Sussex Megan Markle, you’ve got a good enough reason to watch this as this elephant-based documentary is narrated by the beloved, multi-talented former actress. 

Watch it on: Disney+ Hotstar 

[Image credit: Disney + Hotstar]

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Here we have another archetypal animation revered by movie-watchers all over the world. I’m sure we can all agree that we cannot get enough of this blockbuster, and all the sequels that follow. With five award wins and thirty nominations, this film is a must-watch. 

Although Mammuthus primigenius, better known as Woolly Mammoths, are extinct in the real world, we still have our favourite Woolly Mammoth Manny to turn to on World Elephant Day. I think it’s safe to say we can all relate a little to this aloof, sarcastic, sometimes grumpy character, especially during this period of time. 

Watch it on: Disney+ Hotstar

[Image credit: Disney + Hotstar]

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No, we most certainly did NOT forget the all-time classic animation. We were simply saving the best for last! You guessed it, we’re talking about the incomparable one and only, Dumbo (1941). This musical follows the story of the cutest baby circus elephant who is bullied for its gigantic ears and how his life takes a turn in the best way possible as he encounters a mouse. 

You can also watch the fantasy period adventure film Dumbo (2019), the contemporary adaptation of this all-time classic.

Watch it on: Disney+ Hotstar

[Image credit: Disney Wiki]

Movies that feature endearing elephants for World Elephant Day

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