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7 items to help you spruce up your living space

Is the lockdown giving you cabin fever? We can help you.

If spending a lot of time at home is boring you, we get it. The same environment day in day out can land you in a slump. One way to get you out of it is to change it up a little bit. You can introduce new features like a new scent or a new pillow into your living space. Anything new can not only breathe new life into your home but also make it feel like home again.

Although watching Netflix, building LEGO sets, or even listening to music can be fun, redecorating your house will stimulate your creativity and keep you occupied while you’re home. Start off by reimagining your space and the potential it may have. Small changes like organising your shelves with new baskets and bins can go a long way. Once you’re ready to step it up, you can introduce new items to your space.

These changes will not only make your home look better, but would also make you and your family feel better. The excitement of change can be brought back as you work together to build a more functional space. To help you out, here are some products that we think can help bring that spark back to your living space.

[Hero Image Credit: Unsplash/Spacejoy]

With a variety of natural scents like Sea Bliss and Luscious Lavender, Erb allows you to relax after a long day of work. Place this near a warm bath or even on your bedside table to unwind. This diffuser is not only a beautiful accessory that you can place on countertops or shelves, but it will also make your home smell beautiful.

[Image Credit: Erb]


Le Coucher lets you profess your love with just a mere mug. During the lockdown, it is easy to get on everyone’s nerves especially while being in the house all day. So, make their day and add an ‘I love you’ mug to your collection. You can always reminisce and think about this touching gesture when they start to annoy you, yet again.

[Image Credit: Le Coucher]


A good scented candle that can last up to 45 hours is a must around the home. Having a scent that relaxes you vital to your wellbeing and Panier Des Sens provides just that. With two scents in Rose and Jasmin, you are sure to take a liking to one of them. Not only do they smell good and last long, but the minimalistic design of the candle ensures that it will fit in into any space in your house.

[Image Credit: Panier Des Sens]


Adding colourful and stylish throw pillows can always change up the mood of the room. But colour, texture, and style are not the only properties you should care about. An element of fun to show off your personality is a nice touch, and the Kikkerland Log Head Rest Pillow is perfect for that. The kids would love it, and it will also add a touch of nature to the stylistic elements of your home.

[Image Credit: Kikkerland]


A stressful environment mixed with a lack of everyday movements and exercise can take a toll on your body. So when you rest, you should do it right. The L’Occitane Purifying Home & Away Mist can keep you calm and ensure a deep peaceful sleep no matter where you are. The blend of 5 essential oils, consisting of cypress, juniper, lemon, thyme, and eucalyptus oils, is known for its purifying elements. Use this mist to alleviate any stress you are feeling before you go to bed.

[Image Credit: L’Occitane]


Whether your family dines together be every day or once a week, it does no harm to have a beautifully set table. In addition to dispensing your seasoning, this Ane-mone salt & pepper dispenser can also double as a flower pot. Add this to you table for the perfect table display and you won’t be able to get enough of your table decor.

[Image Credit: CHABATREE]


Living and staying at home 24/7 can get quite messy. In order to optimise your living space, why not order some Taya Living Flatpeach baskets to get your life back in order? They keep your space organised and easily match any type of decor. Not only is it functional, but it is also produced with an eco-consciousness in mind. Once you want to switch it out, don’t feel guilty as it’s 100% recyclable!

[Image Credit: Taya Living]

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