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Bangkok doughnut store DROP BY DOUGH launches doughnut-scented candles

As it turns out, you can have your candle and eat it too. Bangkok beloved doughnut store DROP BY DOUGH has launched doughnut-scented candles.

Have you walked through the doors of a doughnut shop and took in a deep breath of the sweet dough? The scent of cinnamon wafting in the air as they bring out their Cinnamon Sugar doughnuts, or even the citrus from the Mandarin Orange & Oolong flavoured doughnuts. Oh, if only there were a way to immortalise that scent for a little bit. Well, thanks to DROP BY DOUGH, now you can keep the scent and bring it home.

[All images courtesy of DROP BY DOUGH]

close up DROP BY DOUGH Candles

DROP BY DOUGH and Panpuri are launching four candles that represent the signature flavours by the doughnut shop. These include: Salted Cinnamon Sugar, Raspberry Rose, Crème Brulee, and Mandarin Orange & Oolong. To go with the soothing aura of a scented candle, each candle also comes in a ceramic candle vessel, handcrafted by local sculptors. Like your own fingerprint, every candle vessel is thereby unique and has its own little identity.


Salted Cinnamon Sugar

The Salted Cinnamon Sugar candle will remind you of the best time of the year: winter. Perfect to set by your faux fireplace, it is a cosy scent perfect for the home. With a hint of salt, maybe it will even mentally transport you to winters by the ocean, looking out over the star-filled skies.


Raspberry Rose

The fruity scent of Raspberry Rose is a sweet one. The scent of the Bulgarian Rose complements the aromatic sharpness of the Geranium Leaf to draw out the vibrant scent of the Raspberry. This candle is perfect for the summer, reminiscent of the freedom that comes with it.

Crème Brulee

The Crème Brulee doughnut is one of the best-selling doughnuts offered at DROP BY DOUGH. The scent paints a picture that will transport you to France and the feeling of walking down the cobblestones at dawn. The sweet notes of Caramelised Sugar, Coconut, Rum and Madagascan Vanilla come together to create a candle perfect for those with a bit of a sweet tooth.


Mandarin Orange & Oolong No. 303

Lastly, the Mandarin Orange & Oolong No. 303 may bring you closer to home. The mixture of the tangy Mandarin Orange with the sweet aroma of Oolong Tea, has been developed using Madagascan Vanilla to add a sense of warmth. Relaxing, and indulgent.

packaging DROP BY DOUGH Candles


The scented candles will be available for purchase at DROP BY DOUGH stores or through their Line, and each 270g candle is priced at THB 1800.

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