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6 ways to be eco-friendly in the kitchen using sustainable Thai brands

Eco-friendly Tupperware, stainless straws, organic dishwashing liquid, and more: here’s how you can be more eco-friendly in your kitchen.

With the climate clock ticking away, we’re all looking for ways to be environmentally friendly, from our closets to our shopping habits. However, one place that many people are overlooking is the kitchen. The wastage that occurs in the kitchen adds to the world’s environmental load, be it food or plastic waste. Especially with the ongoing pandemic, many people are relying more on deliveries, and while we love our fair share of takeaway food, the process of packaging takeaways is not always the most sustainable. It’s difficult to avoid, but there are ways that are more eco-friendly when dealing with this.

Read on to find out how you can revel in your favourite food deliveries guilt-free and be more eco-conscious in general when dealing with food and kitchenware. Here are six ways to be more eco-friendly and go green in your kitchen, featuring a few Thai eco-conscious brands you definitely need to know about, too.

[Featured and Hero image credit: SuperBee]

[Image credit: Refill Station]

Say no to plastic straws, say yes to stainless straws

We’ve all heard about how adverse plastic straws are for the environment. But how many of us have actually abandoned this habit and are still seriously sticking to the ‘say no to plastic straws’ rule? The brand Refill Station is a bulk store selling products that reduce unnecessary waste and makes it easier to live a low-waste lifestyle. One product that helps eliminate wastage is their stainless straws. They are available in three sizes (normal, smoothie, and bubble tea) and four colours (silver, gold, copper, black). Other alternatives to plastic straws include bamboo straws, glass straws, and silicone straws, all of which are reusable, and thereby far more eco-friendly.

Order via Line @Refillstationbkk, or Facebook. 

[Image credit: Bambooyst]

Use bamboo food storage boxes instead of plastic

It’s time to say goodbye to plastic, and hello to bamboo. All things bamboo, Bambooyst creates sustainable and eco-friendly kitchen-related products. Their reusable, microwavable ‘Lunch Box’ is made from polylactic acid and natural bamboo. This endearing lunch box is a responsible alternative to single-use plastic containers. If you’re getting takeout, you could ask restaurants to put your order into this eco-friendly food storage box as opposed to yet another harmful plastic container.

Order via Bambooyst’s website.

[Image credit: Pipper Standard]

Use green products for washing the dishes

The predominant dishwashing detergents currently on the market consist of phosphate, a substance that has a negative impact on the environment. Pipper Standard specialises in environmentally-friendly, natural cleaning products by utilising their globally patented pineapple fermentation technology, also known as Pineapple Power. Washing dishes is a part of everyday life, so why not do it in a little more eco-friendly way? Switch to organic and natural dishwashing liquid, like this one that creatively uses Thai pineapples to its advantage.

Order via Pipper Standard’s website.

[Image credit: SuperBee]

Beeswax wrap is the new cling film

No more clinging on to cling film; beeswax wraps are the way to go. Chiangmai-based social enterprise SuperBee is known for its handmade, high-quality, reusable beeswax wraps. The benefits of beeswax wraps go beyond being eco-friendly. This alternative to cling film also acts as a natural anti-fungal and antibacterial agent, and can be reused for up to two years. Store your food in a safe and green way with their polychromatic, and downright artistic selection of beeswax wraps, while contributing to a great social cause, too.

Order via SuperBee’s website.


[Image credit: Another Story]

Reusable zipper bags over regular zipper bags

Ditch the single-use plastic zipper bags, and employ reusable zipper bags instead. Kikkerland’s zipper bags are made from food-grade polyethylene and are all-natural. Additionally, these snack zipper bags are also dishwasher-safe and leak-proof, so you can wash them over and over again. They’re available in medium and small sizes, and are likely to last you a lot longer than conventional plastic food storage bags.

Order via Another Story

[Image credit: Ecoholic]

Eco-friendly cooling bags are cool

These eco-friendly polyester insulated cooling bags by Ecoholic are not only pragmatic but also super adorable. The materials used to construct these bags are more resistant and rigid than plastic. By replacing your regular lunch bags with these cooling bags, you’re keeping your food more refreshed, and doing away with one-time-use bags. After all, being eco-friendly is for the long term.

Order via Instagram. 

6 ways to be eco-friendly in the kitchen using sustainable Thai brands

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