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10 ways to jazz up your home office

In these uncertain times, we are bound to feel de-motivated by feeling trapped in one place. Can’t really leave the house, don’t want to leave the house, and for safety reasons, it’s a good thing.

As many of us have started working from home as a consequence, we would be lying if we said we weren’t lying down on our couch while typing into our keyboard. The truth is, we never saw this coming and didn’t really prepare a so-called Home Working Zone. Now that we do have a whole lot more time to spend in every cosy nook of our home though, why not give it a makeover?

Sought-after interior designer Katharine Pooley has kindly shared with us her top tips for styling our very own Work From Home office. These aren’t just tips; these tricks will actually change the way you’ve been working at home. It will paint that blanket of comfort to your working space and turn it into a whimsical home-working territory.

[All image courtesy of Katharine Pooley] 

Tip 1: Make your home feel happy

Remember, your humble abode is all about you. Make it very personal by adding some framed photos or polaroid pictures that remind you of precious moments. Hang up that artwork you’ve always secretly wanted to, and decorate your living room with some gorgeous flowers.

Tip 2: Add a statement lamp

How to make your desk look more elegant and classy? A statement lamp will light up the mood of your desk, quite literally.

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Tip 3: Bronze & gold accents

Freshen up your work area with some bronze and gold accents that blend in seamlessly with soft neutral colours. This soothing combination will jazz up your the feel of your workspace.

Tip 4: Change your desktop wallpaper and screensaver

Think about what uplifts your mood and makes you feel motivated. It could be a picture of some honey-glazed doughnuts, the beautiful beach at the Maldives, sakura flowers blooming in Japan, an inspiring quote, or anything else that makes you feel happy. Update it every week for extra freshness.

Tip 5: The more natural light, the better

Why not go for a roman blind instead of plain curtains? Especially in cosy rooms, it’s important to amplify your natural light. Maybe opt for a large-scale intricately-designed patterned fabric. Make it fancy, because your curtains deserve some fun, too.

Katharine Pooley, Home Office, style your home office, home inspo, inspiration for home,

Tip 6: A chair has personality

A sculptural desk chair can bring a glamorous personality to your abode. Whether you dive in for the upholstery or metal tacking, both work very well.

Tip 7: Sharp pencil = sharp mind

Remember, the time when we were school kids and used to get excited about purchasing all new stationary? Let’s be real: we still do. Move in that beautiful leather desk set and freshen up your tools with some new stationery.

Tip 8: Sophisticatedly chic pieces of furniture

Maybe you are living with your family, or maybe you are isolated all alone in your apartment. Either way, having companions around (physically or virtually) gives us an inner peace that beats many negative feelings in this world. Add a chic photo frame of your family and friends that gives you a boost of energy and motivation. Glancing over those pictures might just remind you of those happy times.

Katharine Pooley, Home Office, style your home office, home inspo, inspiration for home,

Tip 9: A dose of Vitamin D

Wait, have you been facing the wall this entire time? If your desk is not facing the window, have it at least somewhere near the window or an alcove. It’s way more uplifting than facing a wall, and at this point, we all need to be showered with some Vitamin D.

Tip 10: Music that soothes your soul

Our top tip? Follow all the steps above and open some sweet-sounding music. If you’re looking for a good playlist, we would recommend tuning into Lifestyle Asia’s Playlist which is also available on Spotify. Happy #WorkFromHome to you, too!

10 ways to jazz up your home office

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