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It’s Pisces season: 10 Pisces celebrities to celebrate this month

Rihanna, Simone Biles, Daniel Craig, and so many more make up the list of Pisces celebrities this season. 

Pisces, this is your time of year. Today marks the first day of the twelfth and final astrological sign of the zodiac. So, happy birthday to all the Pisces out there. Whilst each Pisces has their unique set of personality traits, Pisces in general are known for being the most sympathetic of the zodiac. 

Doting on all things creative, emotional, and love – Pisces’ strengths include being empathetic, compassionate, and intuitive. But just like there are two sides to a coin, Pisces also have their weaknesses – their struggle with boundaries, the tendency to care too much, and being addicted to melancholy being some of their imperfections. To celebrate this zodiac sign, we’ve compiled a list of five local and five international Pisces celebrities. Perhaps you can bond with your favourite celebs over your shared zodiac sign. Maybe you even share a birthday with them. 

Zodiac sign: Pisces
Date Range: 19 February – 20 March
Zodiac symbol: Fish
Zodiac Element: Water
Sign ruler: Neptune

[Hero and featured image credit: @urassayas]

It’s Pisces season: 10 Pisces celebrities to celebrate this month

1 /10

Rihanna (20 February)

Starting off with a bang, first on the list is the notorious Caribbean queen. Archetypal of a Pisces, Rihanna is certainly no stranger to creativity, and this year, she makes 35 look fabulous. 

[Image credit: @badgalriri]

2 /10

Jameela Jamil (25 February)

Just like a Pisces, our favourite activist Jameela Jamil is known and loved for speaking her truth, talking about the right things, and being a conversation starter. 

[Image credit: @jameelajamil]

3 /10

Sornsin Maneewan (28 February)

First Thai celebrity on the list is Thai actress Sornsin Maneewan, nicknamed ‘Manow.’ Manow bids a fond farewell to her 20s this Pisces season. 

[Image credit: @manowsornsin]

4 /10

Justin Bieber (1 March)

Remember when Justin had to walk the plight of Pisces back in 2010? From Baby to Yummy, the Canadian singer turns 28 on the first day of March. 

[Image credit: @justinbieber]

5 /10

Daniel Craig (2 March)

He may have No Time to Die, but he sure has time to get older, specifically on 2 March. 

[Image credit: @007]

6 /10

Louis Scott (4 March)

Scottish-Thai singer and actor Louis Scott joins the 40s club this March. He is best known for his roles in Dok Som See Thong and Bupphe Sanniwat. 

[Image credit: @louisscott]

7 /10

Michele Waagaard (7 March)

The Thai model, pop star, actress, and radio host is a Thai of Norwegian descent. Michele Waagaard turns 42 this Pisces season. 

[Image credit: @michelewaagard]

8 /10

Simone Biles (14 March)

We love her for being a spokesperson for mental health issues whilst being a phenomenal gymnast. The Olympian’s age is (maybe) slowly catching up with the total no. of medals she has: 32 medals. 

[Image credit: @simonebiles]

9 /10

Urassaya Sperbund (18 March)

One of the most famous Thai celebrities, Urassaya ‘Yaya’ Sperbund is also a Pisces. We’re certain she’ll look fine when twenty-nine. 

[Image credit: @urassayas]

10 /10

Prin Suparat (19 March)

Last on the list of Pisces celebrities is Thai actor and model Prin Suparat, also known as Mark Prin. 

[Image credit: @mark_prin]

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