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Good Life Gurus: Anchilee Scott-Kemmis, pageant queen and body positivity advocate

Bangkok is a city brimming with talented personalities and charming characters who have pushed their way through to really make their mark. There’s no doubt that they’re truly living their best life, and doing it in great style. In our Good Life Gurus series, we explore and ask the city’s millennial tastemakers and cultural arbiters to reveal what the good life means to them, and give us a little insight into how they live it up.

As part of the Good Life Awards, we have recognised Anchilee Scott-Kemmis as 2021’s Good Life Gamechanger. Click here to view our other Good Life Awards honorees who embody Lifestyle Asia’s good life ethos.

We usually think of glitz and glamour when it comes to beauty pageants. Although the emphasis has been shifted towards women empowerment over the past years, it’s still pretty much centred around ranking the physical attributes of the contestants. Especially for the Miss Universe Thailand pageant, it wasn’t until pretty recently when they started to celebrate a different kind of beauty. This year, however, they’ve taken this celebration to the next level with the newly crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2021. Not only is she challenging the stereotypes around conventional beauty standards, but she’s also a perfect definition of being confidently beautiful with heart. Meet Anchilee Scott-Kemmis.

Anchilee Scott-Kemmis is challenging the perception of what a Thai beauty queen could look like, using the platform that she has secured to empower body positivity. Besides working as a plus-size model, she’s a passionate advocate for her very own campaign called Real Size Beauty. She has been using her power and influence to constantly remind us to unconditionally love our bodies and curves. She’s also a firm believer that body perfection is just a social construct. Beauty comes in all forms, and it’s in the eyes of the person who sees it.

Here, we sit down with Anchilee Scott-Kemmis to chat about beauty and self-care. Read on for our exclusive interview with the young gamechanger, covering all things from her advocacy to her care-free lifestyle and love for skincare.

Please give us a little background about yourself and what you do.

I work here in Bangkok as a plus-size model, and I’m an advocate for body positivity with my campaign called Real Size Beauty. Currently, I’m more active in my duties as the newly crowned Miss Universe Thailand 2021. That also includes my intensive training and preparations for the Miss Universe 2021 competition in Israel this December.

What is the story behind your Real Size Beauty campaign? How did it all begin?

Honestly, I was body-shamed growing up because I was just a bigger build. I was even told to lose 10 kilos when I was 13, and I saw how it has really affected young girls. Especially in Thailand, we’re entrenched with the faulty ideas of body perfection and living in a society that constantly reminds us that we’re not good enough. That’s when I realised the significance of celebrating ourselves for ourselves, and for being our real and everyday bodies. So that’s how the campaign came about.


What role do you think beauty plays in living a ‘good life’?

It plays a massive role, especially when it comes to your natural beauty. If you’re not comfortable with what you have to offer in your natural beauty, it affects your composure and all the things that you do. It takes a toll on your mental health as well when you later find yourself comparing your beauty to others. So beauty gives you a ‘good life’ only when you have the right mindset and control of it.

What does the good life mean to you? How do you live the good life?

For me, simply put, ‘the good life’ means being comfortable and content with who you are and what you have to offer.


What are your 5 good life essentials?
  1. Family
  2. Friends
  3. My dog. Her name is Misu, and we’re like best friends that don’t know how to communicate with each other [laughs].
  4. My advocacy
  5. Gym
What is your self-care ritual?

Self-care is skincare for me. I just love every bit of it. Aside from the essentials, I add a face mask to my ritual when I feel like I need it. If it’s a long working day, I opt for extra products and hydration for deep nourishment.


What do you do to be more sustainable or eco-friendly (in work and privately)?

I’m very much into beauty and fashion, and I usually go thrift shopping. I believe that fashion is not about the number of clothes you have as well. So for every piece of clothing in my wardrobe, I try to get maximum use out of it. I carpool, take out a water bottle wherever I go, and don’t eat out of plastics. This is what I do to be more eco-friendly as well.

What do you do to keep fit?

I love going to gyms, and I consider myself a gymmer. More than keeping myself fit, I do it to clear my head. It’s simply just a happy place for me.


Where do you go for…the best breakfast in Bangkok?

I have a lot of places in my mind, it depends on my mood on the day itself. But I’d have to go for Breakfast Story, it’s perfect for starting the day right.

Where do you go for…the best date in Bangkok?

It might sound a little strange, but I like to go to burger places. It just feels good to break the barrier of uncomfortable and having to always look good in front of your date.


Where do you go for…the best drinks in Bangkok?

I don’t drink.

Where do you go for…the best place to shop in Bangkok?

Emquartier is the best for me. They have everything that I need there.


Where do you go for…the best escape from Bangkok?
Lastly, a word of advice for living the good life in Bangkok?

Take advantage of the liberty you have in Bangkok with countless choices available at your disposal. Whether it’s eating or shopping, just go and have fun with it. There are so many things to do, and you’re going to miss it when you’re no longer in Bangkok.

Karatpetch Vattanapoon
As a culture enthusiast, Karatpetch loves to travel, learn new cultures and languages, and has great zealousness for food. She is also an amateur dancer of various styles. Watching sports, sightseeing, cooking, knitting and exploring beauty goodies are her moments of simple joy.
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