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Good Life Gurus: wellness wonder woman Ploy Pornpratharnwech of Polli’s Cafe

Bangkok is a city brimming with talented personalities and charming characters who have pushed their way through to really make their mark. There’s no doubt that they’re truly living their best life, and doing it in great style. In our Good Life Gurus series, we explore and ask the city’s millennial tastemakers and cultural arbiters to reveal what the good life means to them, and give us a little insight into how they live it up.

For many of us, it took a pandemic to get us to consume more vitamins and pay more attention to adapting healthy habits. For Kunamas Pornpratharnwech, or Ploy, it came quite naturally.

The health and fitness advocate inspires followers daily on how to train harder, eat better, and develop an honest and wholesome relationship to the world around us. Sharing her philosophy with hungry Bangkokians, she is also the owner of the beloved Polli’s Cafe, serving up an array of nutritious dishes, smoothie bowls, and brunch time favourites.

Ploy makes eating your vegetables look cool, and here she shares some insight into how you too can achieve this look. Read on for what the chia seed pudding expert has to say about mental health, self-awareness, and bringing peace to your mind through wellness.

Please give us a little background about yourself and what you do.

I graduated from RMIT University in Melbourne from the Faculty of Applied Communication (Advertising). I had been working in the industry for about 7-8 years, and then I realised it just wasn’t me. Advertising was not my passion at all, and over the past few years I really got into fitness, health, food, and nutrition, so I decided to open a small cafe called Polli’s.

What is the story behind Polli’s Cafe? How did it all begin?

I love how food can play such a big role in our lives. I travelled to many cities and had the chance to experience many different cuisines. I created this IG page called @pollikitchen where I posted pictures of my food, things I like to eat, and easy recipes for the things I made. After that, I started selling homemade chia pudding as a healthy dessert. Surprisingly, it went really well. I then decided to open Polli’s with the idea of creating a menu that everyone can enjoy, using healthy ingredients and a home-y feeling.


Who are your customers? What are they like?

I would describe the concept of Polli’s Cafe as “delicious food with a healthy twist,” so our customers include everyone from people who just enjoy a cup of coffee and easy plate of pasta, to people who are a bit picky about what they choose to eat.

What role do you think health and wellness plays in living a ‘good life’?

Healthy habits and caring for your physical and emotional can make you feel good about your life in general. These things impact so much of your overall well-being.


What does the good life mean to you? How do you live the good life?

Gratitude is my attitude. Everything comes from the mind. If you constantly remind yourself to be grateful for what you are, you will always have a good life.

What are your 5 good life essentials?

1. Exercise: nothing beats a good sweat
2. Eating healthy food and nourishing my body
3. Stretching or yoga to relax body tension and also my mind as well
4. Sleep: 8 hours minimum
5. Planning: I manage my time, so my life gets easier


What is your self-care ritual?

For me self-care is all about falling in love with taking care of my body and my mental health. It’s about self awareness and maintaining a good balance in your daily life.

What do you do to be more sustainable or eco-friendly?

Carrying around a water bottle and recycle bag has been my habit for a while.

What do you do to keep fit?

I exercise regularly (I do weight training and Pilates), drink 2-3 litres a day, sleep at least 8 hours, eat whole foods, and most importantly manage my stress.

Where do you go for… the best breakfast in Bangkok?

Polli’s, Of course!


Where do you go for… the best date night in Bangkok?

Ordering some nice sushi to eat at home is my ideal date night during this pandemic.

Where do you go for… the best drinks in Bangkok?

I quit drinking for a long time so no idea.

Where do you go for… the best place to shop in Bangkok?

Right now shopping online is the only thing I do: Shopee, Lazada, or Instagram.

Where do you go for… the best escape from Bangkok?
Lastly, a word of advice for living the good life in Bangkok:

In a busy city like Bangkok, try to find a way to bring peace to your mind, for example, relax, meditate, and eat good healthy food. Don’t get caught up in a rush.

Good Life Gurus: wellness wonder woman Ploy Pornpratharnwech of Polli’s Cafe

Lisa Gries

Creative Content Director, Bangkok

Lisa is the Creative Content Director at Lifestyle Asia Thailand. When she’s not knees-deep in SEO analysis or editorial calendars, you’ll likely find her in downward-facing dog at the yoga studio, or immersed in conversation at a secret bar in China town. Lisa writes mostly on dining, travel, and pop-culture, and is a huge fan of soup dumplings, Riesling, and power napping — in exactly that order.

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