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Q&A: Nuttaphong ‘Pong’ Kunakornwong on merging home and camera with Leica and SC Asset

Admittedly a serious photographer, it comes to no surprise to see Nuttaphong ‘Pong’ Kunakornwong, CEO of SC Asset, one of Thailand’s most booming real estate firms, joining forces with Leica, a heritage brand in the prestigious camera world since 1849. Together with Danai Sorakraikitikul, Managing Director of Leica Camera Thailand, the two have forged the Leica M10-P SC Asset.

With a goal to celebrate the 17th anniversary of SC Asset, the remarkable camera comes in a limited edition of only 30 pieces, and stands as a celebrated symbol of SC Asset’s 17 years of passion and success in the real estate game.

Striving to create a vintage look, Pong gives the original Leica M10-P a sophisticated and classic makeover, with charcoal-green, full-grain leather, and a sandblasted brass finish. Featuring a round brass lens hood, a touch screen, and silent shutter, the Leica M10-P SC Asset is arguably the most beauteous yet unpretentious interpretation of a vintage-inspired digital camera. Included in the set is also the Leica Summilux-M 50mm f/1.4 ASPH lens, which is perfect for portrait shots.

“Engraved on the pure-brass top of the camera is the isometrics perspective line used in architectural design, Leica’s name, and a limited serial number which, in my opinion, symbolically reflects the brands’ partnership,” describes Danai Sorakraikitikul.

The delicate line patterns at the top of the gadget also breathe an old school charm into the device itself, whilst the sandblasted brass yields a greater antique look the more you use and touch it.

Sitting down with Pong as he checked in on A Limited Luxury Collection Condominium, 28 Chidlom by SC Asset, we got to chat with him about the collaboration of Leica and SC Asset. Read all about his insights and thoughts in this full and exclusive interview with this rather charming (and brilliant!) character.

28 Chidlom by SC Asset Condo

Tell us about this collaboration with Leica. How did it come about?

SC Asset occasionally holds collaborations with other brands, as the goal for me and the team is to keep learning about things outside of our comfort zones. We don’t set our minds to one certain product; our main goal is to cooperate with brands that resonate with our mission and core value.

We are a human-centric company, which means the wellbeing of residents is our top priority; we don’t make a home but we create living solutions. And that’s when top-quality and innovative products come in to play to assure it serves our mission well and effectively. That’s why Leica came to mind. For the longest time, the camera brand has been known for its devotedness and passion for craftsmanship. They take pride in timeless beauty as well as quality. And that’s why our brands connect.

What is the purpose of this collaboration?

We are excitedly reaching 17 years of sweet SC Asset success. To celebrate that, we decided to team up with Leica and together created the Leica M10-P SC Asset, a limited edition brass camera with only 30 pieces produced worldwide.

Known to be an instrument used to capture a moment in time, Leica camera reflects on our product, as a residence as an instrument to keep and nurture memories. It also speaks of our values and expresses our attention to detail when it comes to producing something worth using and investing time and money in.

Tell us a little more about the Leica M10-P SC Asset – 17 Years of Passion

The camera is the end product of the Leica and SC Asset collaboration, and is already counted as a success for me. The Leica M10-P SC Asset is minimal yet luxurious in design. It features a round brass lens hood and is also fitted with slightly green leather and pure sandblasted brass throughout. I especially appreciate the characteristics of sandblasted brass, which creates a matte look and patina finish the more you touch and use it.

The collaboration also brings about brand awareness. I believe that both brands’ core values and missions align. Our customers are always on the hunt for quality living, and this matches with Leica’s customers who are always on the hunt for quality products. One of the successes from this collab will eventually connect together the two brands’ users and eventually embrace our names and emphasise what we do.

Last but not least, this collab also gives me and the team the opportunity to work with a world-class brand which undoubtedly benefits us with new, in-depth knowledge from outside of our familiar field. This, in my opinion, is always a plus.

In your opinion, how do a camera and a property connect, support, and complement one another?

What links Leica and SC Asset is the word “life.” The SC home and the Leica camera is a product of craftsmanship and timeless beauty. They both are also a kind of life apparatus: past, present, and future pass through them. Like being at home, you need to be present to feel relaxed and at ease. And at home, where good memories are often created, a camera celebrates and holds still the joys and true rawness of the moment — just a click away.

Looking forward, could you tell us about any upcoming projects in your pipeline?

Other than creating new products that will help us narrate the story of our brand, residence-wise, the number of tourist visits is skyrocketing. So now, as for our next step, I’m also looking to diversify more investment in the hotel business; my plan in the pipeline right now is to create a unique, design- and experience-driven hotel that will attract and really stick in the market.

Pong Kunakornwong

As for the time being, we are managing and continuously striving to be even better at a subscription business through our application called “Baan RueJai” where we offer a range of in-house services. Think, house cleaning, gardening, water runs and maintenance, to assure our residents have a good day free from unnecessary stress.

Last but not least, Danai Sorakraikitikul adds where we can get the Leica M10-P SC Asset:

This camera features a special production from the original Leica factory in Germany, using only the most special and exclusive materials for its design. We only produced 30 cameras worldwide, and we definitely think it is a worthy investment for all collectors. For the moment, most of them have already been sold. For the rest, you can conveniently find them at Leica stores in Bangkok (Gaysorn Village and EmQuartier).

For more information about Leica M10-P SC Asset, call +662 656 1102 or visit Leica Stores Bangkok at Gaysorn Village and EmQuartier. 

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