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Sky Wongrawee’s Personal Style: A love for denim and watches

Actor Wongrawee “Sky” Nateetorn shares with us his love for denim jeans, why he’ll never wash them because they might risk losing their shape, and how he thinks watches are one of the most important elements for completing any look.

While many women are known to love collecting shoes or handbags, most men are known to enjoy collecting denim and watches.

While our September Digital Cover star Thanapob “Tor” Leeratanakachorn expressed his love for denim jeans, our October Digital Cover Star and former co-star of the Tor, Sky Wongrawee, is also not much different. The 24-year-old actor shares with Lifestyle Asia how he is one of those people who is in love with denim jeans – to the point that he proudly admits that none of his jeans have been washed, because he is in fact scared that they will lose shape.

The actor also shared with us his growing fondness of watches, as he believes watches can elevate any outfit or look. 

Here, we get to talk to Sky about fashion, watches, and the style he’s cultivated into his own. 

Sky wearing brown suit-trousers with black turtle shirt all from COS, Watch from Breguet.

The beginning of Sky’s relationship with fashion

I just started becoming interested in fashion not long ago. When I was younger, I never thought anything about dressing up – I’d just pick and wear whatever. I am a provincial boy, there was no one taking photos of me. I could wear anything I wanted. In fact, I probably came out looking quite dorky as well. 

When I arrived in Bangkok, though, things started to change. I started using social media a lot more. I’d see and scroll through images on Pinterest. Anything that I saw and felt like would mesh together well, I’d try out and experiment with.

I didn’t follow anyone though, I don’t have a style icon that I took after or anything. I just tried and figured things out as I went along, what worked and what didn’t, until I found the style that I felt like was the most me. That was when I realised that I liked wearing outfits that go along in the same tone.

How much do you care about how you look, now that you are well-known?

Honestly, even though I am in the entertainment industry, I don’t really worry much when it comes to my image. It all comes down to how I feel at the time – what outfits I want to wear that day, and so forth. 

If I am feeling casual and chill, then I’d go for a t-shirt and denim jeans, and put a little hat on for that extra addition. What I really like wearing the most, though, is a look that is all-black.

It’s all about timing too, really. When I was in high school, I would like denim and would wear it from head to toe. When I got to visit Japan this one time, I had a blast shopping for all things denim, especially the vintage ones.

Why do you like denim so much?

I like denim because it’s easy to wear. At the same time, you have to preserve it well too. 

Did you know that you’re not supposed to wash denim at all? Those who are really into denim would know this as a fact, and they would never wash it, because all denims would come with a unique, original shape. I myself have never washed any of my denim clothes after I bought them, because their shapes would change.

Some people would even cry when they see any changes in their denim. There would be some people who would wear denim into the sea. Sea water makes your denim’s colour fade, and some people would even go out of their way to later scrub their denim furiously by the beach. There would be marks and scratches when you wear your denim often, but those marks usually go away when you scrub them.

I don’t wash my denim at all because I enjoy the feeling of wearing it again and knowing that the form hasn’t lost shape. But there was one time [Sky leans in to whisper], my mom actually took one of my denims to wash. She said she couldn’t take it anymore. Once it had been washed, I no longer felt the same wearing it. I never wore that denim again, because it lost its shape.

This is really true, I never wash my denim. I’d hang them out in the sun like how actors Sunny Suwanmethanont and Tor Thanapob would do it. No one washes their denims. We do, however, still need to take care of their cleanliness and not leave them out in the cold like that. For me, when I would sweat a little, I’d hang them out in the sun all day. Hanging your denim out in the sun does not affect the colour of your denim. Sometimes I’d also spray it with alcohol disinfectants.

Like that time when I was in Japan looking for all kinds of denim, I’d visit all kinds of stores – from first hand to second hand. Some stores would even be in the basement. There, you could really smell the age of the material. 

Do you have an accessory you especially like?

Currently I like watches. I’m actually not the type of person who likes to look at the time through their phone – like the kids these days, you don’t usually see them wearing watches anymore. On the other hand, you’d still see some people wearing watches, but they’re smart watches, and others would just look at their phones to know the time. 

For me, I find watches to be an accessory that is timeless and incredibly versatile. You can wear watches with anything, any look, or any occasion. Whether it’s in a casual or a formal setting, you can still look good with watches.

I find watches to be classic. Watches are definitely one of those important elements that can elevate any look you’re going for, in my opinion. 

Sky wearing long sleeves wool sweater with trousers both from COS, Watch from Breguet.

What would you choose between a stainless steel and a leather watch strap?

I actually like both styles – leather and stainless. I can’t pick between the two. When it’s hot out, I’d go for the stainless ones as they’re easier to take care of, clean up after, and have no scent. Leather bands, on the other hand, can get scruffy and therefore become harder to clean up.

If I were to pick between the two to mix and match with my outfits, I’d choose the stainless strap for an everyday look and on casual days. But when it comes to leather, I’d choose them on the days where I am all decked out in a suit. 

Many people might alternate when it comes to these options, but I prefer to wear the leather strap when I am in a suit. When I see myself in that whole look and attire, it feels more right to me.

Are there any collections that you like the most from this fashion set with Breguet?

Firstly, I’d just like to say that I’m really glad to be shooting with Breguet today. I obviously already like watches and this brand. In terms of the collection that I like most from this shoot, it’s the Tradition Quantiéme Rètrograde 7597 – it’s this skeleton watch where you are able to see all the mechanics inside. I think it looks raw and real – you get to see how the mechanics work and move.

This might sound strange, but when I get to see the cogs moving, it makes me feel like this is an actual watch, or clock. Usually there would be a dial covering it up, especially on digital watches, where you don’t see the cogs moving at all.

Sky Wongrawee’s Personal Style: A love for denim and watches

Pear Maneechote

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