Bangkok-based and fashion-forward, Pook and Pao Siddhigu are the young, aspiring entrepreneurs behind the successful e-commerce sportswear shop, FITCRAZE. The online platform gives you access to a wide range of local and international sportswear brands, from apparel to accessories. We sat down with the Siddhigu sisters to find out what inspired them to start this business.


We started FITCRAZE… with a pure interest in fashion and e-commerce. We have always been inspired by beautiful clothing. We focus on activewear because there is a current trend; however, we also truly believe that beautiful activewear empowers and boosts self-confidence. We both want to encourage women to love themselves and live their lives to the fullest. This is evident in our brand identity, which also extends to our online content such as Instagram updates. Besides selling fashionable sportswear, we also want to create a healthy online community for Thai women to exchange ideas, stay updated on the latest trends and find top quality products!

I [Pook] started my career… in fashion as a buyer for Club 21 and later joined the buying team at Chanel. I’m so happy I get to apply what I’ve learned, in terms of curating, and the processes of fashion buying from my previous employers.

I [Pao] started my career… as a digital project manager at Digital Arts Network, TBWA Thailand. I’ve also interned as an entrepreneur in residence with Rocket Internet in Shanghai. It’s great that we can combine our diverse skill set and start  FITCRAZE together. And I think we’re definitely stronger working as a duo.

Working with your siblings… definitely has its pros and cons. But the pros outweigh the cons for sure. We share the same vision, mind-set, values and humour, which we think is very important. Sometimes, problems can be personal but we always talk things out. Pook has a good eye for fashion and the analytical skills, while I [Pao] am more of an artist and work on the business development side of things, as well as customer service.

We stock… over 23 brands currently, which includes both local and international brands. We are aggressively aiming to expand this year, adding new product categories as well. Our local favourites are Training Lab, Wakingbee, Jenim Sports, MMCHIC and Kalis Active. When it comes to our international offerings, we like L’URV, IVY PARK, Jaggad and VPL.

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In five years’ time… we want to expand our business, including supplementary, F&B and menswear. We are launching FITCRAZE Swim Store this February , and we already have many quality brands on board. Five years from now, we want to be the number one online destination for activewear apparel, the place where people visit to seek inspirations for an active lifestyle.

Our biggest challenge so far… is that Thailand still prefers social commerce; hence, there is a popular usage of LINE accounts and Instagram. Most customers still prefer talking to the seller before making a purchase. We want to encourage our customers to trust our service platform and buy through our main website.

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We stay on top with fitness trends by… reading online fashion blogs extensively. It is not hard for us to find new brand updates and fitness trends. Instagram is also a good online resource for us to stay on top of the fashion news.

Products that we suggest purchasing… include the halter-neck crop top slash sports bra as it is one of our customers’ favourites. Our cool-chic, mixed-fabric Lilybod leggings are also high in demand. You can wear them outside of the gym and rock that everyday activewear look on the streets as well.

Our favourite go-to fitness gear… would definitely be compression leggings plus the easy-to-take-off sports bra from L’URV. Besides working out at home and tuning into the Insanity program by Shaun T, we also enjoy visiting various boutique gyms such as TRIBE, S’Wet Society and Fitness First.

Kiki Dhitavat
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