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Tor Thanapob’s Downtime: Beach, eat, sleep, gym, jeans, and repeat

To most of us, A-list artists such as Tor Thanapob would come off as mysterious, far-fetched, and rather elusive – mostly because they keep their private lives private and their roles separate from their everyday lives. 

But at the end of the day we also know that they’re people, just like us, filled with personality, interests, hobbies, and preferences of their own. Tor Thanapob is one of those people, and the little quirks and hobbies that he entertains during his personal time are just as interesting as the roles he’s taken on over the years.

But while this versatile actor often explores roles and characters that are complex and heavy on screen, with the obstacles and challenges that come their way – the real Tor Thanapob is quite the opposite of that. Off-screen, Tor is as simple and straightforward as they come, and often finds joy in the little things in life.

Here, we learn about what Tor Thanapob does during his downtime. 

Tor Thannapob wearing a long-sleeved printed shirt and trousers from Loewe; Watch from Seiko 5 Sports

What’s a really quick, dumb way you destress?

Honestly, I’ll just sleep on it, especially when I can’t think of any solution at that moment. I am someone who believes in the theory of tomorrow – if you can’t do it today, there’s always another chance tomorrow; tomorrow will do. But this doesn’t mean that I’ll procrastinate or wait for another day, you’ve got to try your best first.

Image Credit: @thanapob_lee via Instagram

What does one day with Tor Thanapob look like?

I will wake up as late as I possibly can. As I always sleep so late, I’ll try to wake up just as late.

I’ll usually count [my sleep] up to 8 hours – no matter what time of the day I’ll get up, I don’t mind, that’s fine. In terms of eating, I do Intermittent Fasting (IF) too.

Lately, I’ve been changing the weights when I lift. I always do IF, so my meals are not my main concern. In a day, there must be a period of time between my first and last meal where I exercise to the point where I am sweating all over my body. I do that to release all that is spent up in my body. After that, I take a shower.

Image Credit: @thanapob_lee via Instagram

I exercise inside this room which is on the second floor [of my house], where sunlight seeps in through during the day. I would close all the windows, all the doors, turn off the fan, and just exercise in there like that. When I feel restless or uneasy, I would stop looking outside and just try to focus on myself only, especially in moments where I can’t take it anymore.

On his obsession with denim jeans

I am someone who finds joy in the simple things in life. I am a jeans freak. Sometimes, getting rare denim jeans would be enough to make me happy.

Image Credit: @thanapob_lee via Instagram

Where would you usually take yourself on vacation?

The beach. I find Thai beaches fascinating. I’ve grown up here for over 20 years and I still haven’t explored enough or discovered all it has to offer yet. Up to today, I haven’t even gone to one beach destination twice.

I love Krabi, Koh Yao Noi, and Phang Nga. I got to visit those places during the pandemic when they didn’t have visitors, and it was like those beaches were revived and recovered. I went out into the sea, and I was like, wow. At that moment, I realised why everyone around the world loves the beaches here and found them beautiful. 

The point is that Thai beaches had mostly been destroyed because there were too many tourists, too many visitors. But Covid-19 allowed them to revive themselves. 

I was so dumbfounded because they were so breathtaking. It was then that I realised why so many people say that Thai beaches are the best out there.

Image Credit: @thanapob_lee via Instagram

On his love for Japanese food and noodles

I’m someone who likes to eat Japanese food, the ones that sort of come in a family-meal and family-like setting. You know, one of those hot and cold dishes served for everyone.

One restaurant I like to go to is called ‘Hoshi’, which is a Japanese word for star. 

I also like noodles. There’s this restaurant I recently came across owned by a Thai person. He uses Thai food, but also transforms it into something more than that – a fusion of egg noodles eaten together with smoked meat, and it’s so delicious. The restaurant is called ‘Smoke Me’. The items inside the restaurant also seem to have been carefully curated, like they’d sell small bottles of soda from Chiang Mai, something like that. It’s also a standalone store, and I feel like it’s suitable for everyone to go eat.

Image Credit: @thanapob_lee via Instagram
Tor Thanapob’s Downtime: Beach, eat, sleep, gym, jeans, and repeat

Pear Maneechote

Pear is Senior Writer for Prestige Thailand Online and Lifestyle Asia Thailand. A Communications and IR graduate, she's passionate about storytelling. She covers fashion, entertainment, beauty & makeup, the arts, and spends too much time writing articles that are way too long. Prior to Burda, she was a news journalist covering culture, politics, science, anthropology, and history. When not working, she loves to spend hours on Tiktok, sleep, and go to the beach.

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