Are you considering becoming a micropreneur?

Micropreneurs: they employ less than five people, they want to stay small, and they’re actively in favour of a healthy work-life balance. But who are they exactly?

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Doing it all

Their companies have less than five employees. And they usually do everything, from marketing to sales to accounting. They are highly flexible and in many ways resemble — but shouldn’t be confused with — self-employed people or sole traders. But the micro-entrepreneur is about more than work, it’s also a lifestyle choice, encouraging a healthy balance between work life and private life for a greater sense of fulfilment. According to Fora Financial, many professions fall into this category. If you’re a blogger, a life coach or a photographer, you’re probably already a micropreneur.

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Stay small, grow slowly 

When it comes to business, the micropreneur is multi-talented and adaptable, showing genuine versatility in their skills and endless curiosity. Moreover, unlike traditional entrepreneurs, micropreneurs aren’t obsessed with the idea of growth at all cost. They prefer to stay in control of their time. This position allows them to vary the services they offer and adapt to meet demand. That said, micropreneurs aren’t completely opposed to the idea of growing their activity, but they often favour a slower approach to expanding the size of their business.

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