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3D wall panel ideas that will give life to your white bare walls

Staring at a white-washed bare wall can sometimes make you feel utterly blank. Flowers and plants are often used to freshen up the house but let’s face it, they do wither and dry up. So why not try something a little more fun yet permanent? Bringing 3D wall panels into your room is one of the coolest ways to accentuate your plain space with something of elegance and excellence. The textured wall panels add affordable beauty, creating a focal point that ties your room together. The panel is also often light and easy to cut — which means easy installation for any beginner homemakers.

So for those hankering for a way to bring your home or room to life, we’ve curated a few 3D wall panel ideas to give you a brief introduction to what is termed ‘threeDwall’ in the decor world, and here’s a list of standalone and online shops where you can purchase them.

Featured image credit: overstock; hero image credit: Andrew Ridley

Dark-hued 3D Wall Panel

Image credit: threeDwall
Image credit: threeDwall

Looking for a patterned pop for your room? Dark hues like black and brown are the colours you should also aim for. Many patterns are available in these shades. Whether it’s dune, circle, triangle, brick or block, go for the one your inner interior geek desires and let the dark shades and design bring a sleek finish to your room. These embossed wall panels will create a gorgeous feature wall that showcases your intricate style.

Diamond Wallpaper Panel

Image credit: Infinity Wall Coverings

The diamond is a timeless symbol of elegance and this design is a reinterpretation of that. The geometric pattern adds subtle textures that add a bold character to your room. By sticking to light tones, the wall panel will simply give your dull wall a new definition while keeping your room looking neat and tidy. Those who are not looking forward to bastardizing your space too much, this is the one for you.

The Hive 3D Wall Panels

Image credit: Instagram
Image credit: Instagram

Do you need a bold and bright covering for your wall? Try these hive-patterned panels to bring in extra depth and charm. Pick the brighter hues if you wish to create a striking and cheerful visual. But stick to a white shade if you merely want to add a slightly playful dimension to your room.

3D Embossed Wall Panel with Pastel Wall

Image credit: threeDwall

The cool thing about 3D wall panels is that there’s really not much of a limitation; it’s paintable. Plus, it can be cut to the size you desire and can be installed both vertically and horizontally. For this chic design, you do not need to cover the pastel-painted portion of the wall with patterned panels. Simply install the 3D embossed wall on the bottom half for a cool contrast design on your wall. Make sure to pick the right hues that will create a beautiful and balanced harmony.

Where to shop for 3D wall panels

Image credit: MAZ

For shops, check out MAZ in Khwaeng Bang Mot or SIAMWALL at The Compound, Ramintra for a wide selection of 3D wall panels. No time for home decor shopping? Check out these online shops, for examples, Eazy Wall, Z3DWall, Lazada, Shopee, and 333Wall – all of which provide a range of 3D embossed wall panels for you to choose from plus a delivery service so you need not worry about travelling.

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