Your home is your stage. So whatever décor and furniture you place in your space, it exhibits your style and perfumes your home with personal taste and sophistication. Yet with the different sizes of your rooms combined with different sizes, shapes and colours of your furniture, designing a well-blended interior space can be a bit of a tough task.

Luckily, with many home applications being available for interior-design buffs to download and purchase, homeowners can now beautify their space without wasting a penny on hiring a professional home designer. Here we’ve curated 5 of the best home design apps you need to check out. Just a few taps away on your phone and you’ll find out decorating a home is really a piece of cake.

Featured image credit: Instagram; hero image credit: Unsplash/Alberto Castillo Q.

Homestyler Interior Design

A living room designed by Casavan Interiors using the Homestyler Interior Design

Not able to sleep at night wondering whether the new sofa you want to buy will fit right into the corner of your room? No sweat. Homestyler Interior Design provides the technology for you to create your own 3D home décor playground. Snap a shot of your room and place their 3D furniture (or lift and shift existing items) to get the virtual picture of your space when it’s once fully decorated or renovated. Users will also get interior tips and tricks along with inspiration from the application’s community. You’ll see, remodelling your space can be just a breeze with the right home software planner on your phone.

Decor Matters

Image credit: Facebook

Decor Matters is basically a home-focused version of Pinterest. The app lets you be your own interior designer with its Augmented Reality (AR) technology that gives you a real dimension of your space dubbed with the furniture you desire to purchase. Featuring 3D iconic pieces from many celebrated furniture brands, users will easily get to explore a range of furnishings that suit their tastes and styles best. You can also get inspired from other home décor devotees’ profiles where they sprinkle their feeds with cool home décor ideas.


Image credit: Houzz

Thirsty for fresh home design ideas? Here’s where you can discover home-styling inspiration, shop for a variety of unique home products curated by Houzz, and meet with home professionals for decent home-improving advice. The app will even allow you to see how each of the products would actually look in your room. Simply take a picture of the space and use the app to place down the objects onto the photo for a more vivid visualisation.

IKEA Place

Image credit: Instagram

The Swedish furniture brand has long been known for saving the lives of many a homeowner by decking and decorating their houses with quality home products. Now their new app, IKEA Place, will allow amateur home designers to virtually put IKEA products in the real space. Showing the furniture’s precise size and design, you can now say ‘bye bye’ to the problem of wondering if the object will actually fit into your space according to shape and style. True IKEA shoppers surely shouldn’t miss out on this one.

Morpholio Board – Moodboard

Image credit: Morpholio Board – Moodboard

Designed to be an interior guru for any person with an interest in home design, Morpholio Board–Moodboard provides an extensive array of mood boards laced with home products and beautiful pictures to inspire your inner interior design geek. The app also features innovative tools and 3D products from many leading furniture brands just so you, too, can create your own mood boards. The application gives you a clear vision of how each individual product will look like once grouped together in the same space. It also provides a sleek yet neat format, perfect for those who are curating designs to present to a wider audience, like in a workplace, in a classroom, or just on Pinterest.

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