Longing to live the holiday life daily? There’s no need to break a sweat — or break the bank — packing and flying to the far-flung cabin, seaside city or even a mountain retreat. Integrating a woodland retreat-like interior design is a simple way to naturally infuse a sense of serenity into your home. After all, nothing screams woodland retreat like the earthy brown tones and wooden elements from a timber wall, floor and furniture. Touches of natural hues like berry, tawny, russet, damson and chestnut are also heavily employed to create the full-on cosy and rustic effect.

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woodland retreat

However, for newbies who just got into home decorating, going woodland retreat might seem like a challenging task. But fear not: we are here to help you. With cool furniture brands and showrooms aplenty in Bangkok, we’ve checked out all the venues for the perfect home pieces for you to get that woodland retreat home of your dreams.
Those looking for a spark of ideas for a home makeover, our list below will have you feel inspired in no time.

Bronze Slice – Round Large Tray

One of the things that truly speak of nature’s sublime yet humble beauty is the rings of a tree. Opt for this Bronze Slice – Round Large Tray by O*Henry to add woodland retreat glam to your space. Not only does the tray come in handy for serving up aperitifs or appetisers, but it will also be a centrepiece that brings a zen-like effect to the ambience.

Wood Bed

A bedroom is undoubtedly your everyday nocturnal retreat. And to make it your own Walden Pond, adding a woodland element will easily bring an aura of serenity to your space. This extravagant Wood Bed by HULTA DESIGN crafted from solid real pine wood will add a yellowy glow as well as pleasing visual that welcomes you to snooze and relax.

BASKET Armchair

Bask in the soft comfort of this BASKET Armchair by PLATO. The chair‘s wood frame made out of golden teak features a basket-like appearance that welcomes you to sit and turn it into a reading nook or even a snoozing spot.

Constellation Table

Bring the natural grain of the wood to your house with this Constellation Table by Fendi Casa. The retailer of luxury furniture and home accessories, MOTIF, presents this elegant piece which showcases the marriage of nature and contemporary design. It strikes a sophisticated appearance as well as providing vast space for placing your essentials.

FOREST Side Chair

For industrial slash minimal design fans, this FOREST Side Chair by PLATO will be your favourite piece. And especially when you’re looking to make your home a woodland retreat, the chair which is crafted entirely from wood will definitely be the focal point for your woodland home’s aesthetic.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
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