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A sensuous infusion: Sansiri collaborates with Heretic Parfum’s craft organic fragrances

Luxury – real luxury – is not just something tangible. It’s also something that can be felt inside, like happiness, beautiful memories, and a peace of mind. The home, with all its comforts, offers one idea of such luxury. And we only have to look to one of Thailand’s most loved property developers, Sansiri, to see just how important the luxury of home is to us.

Sansiri Luxury Collection: The Monument Thong Lo.

Last week, Sansiri demonstrated once again just how much attention to every detail they pay to ensuring the ultimate luxury living experience. Introducing a new partnership with the luxury craft organic fragrance brand, Heretic Parfum, Sansiri has put forward a new step towards creating a luxurious home ambience beyond just their magnificent visible interiors. At The Monument Thong Lo, one of the developer’s spacious properties, this collaboration was unveiled with Sansiri’s Chief Creative Officer Ou Baholyodhin and Heretic Parfum’s founding perfumer Douglas Little.

Sansiri Luxury Collection x Heretic Parfum.

As an outstanding monolithic landmark of Thong Lo, The Monument makes a perfect case for the tastefully decadent artistry of Sansiri. The property is home to world-class masterpieces such as a chandelier by LASVOT, a czech design atelier whose expertise in crafting glass has been passed down from generation to generation for over 200 years. Now, it makes the perfect home for Heretic Parfum, whose fragrance-making methods have also been passed down from alchemists hundreds of years ago.

Douglas Little demonstrating the creation of his exclusive scent for Sansiri.

At the launch, Douglas Little explained that he’d been obsessed with fragrance since childhood. The Hollywood celebrity and perfumer has developed a love for personalising scents for individuals. His fragrances for Sansiri are therefore exclusive to the property because they’ve been specifically crafted to reflect the philosophies of their luxury projects.

Sansiri Luxury Collection x Heretic Parfum.
Left to right: Ou Baholyodhin, Chief Creative Officer of Sansiri with Douglas Little, Founder of Heretic Parfum and his wife, actress Jodi Lyn O’Keefe.

What are those philosophies? Ou Baholyodhin explained to us Sansiri’s three-part ethos, which involves “Refined Taste” – exquisite and tasteful design; “Uncompromising Quality” – their commitment to selecting the best materials, furniture, decorations, art pieces; and “Curated experience” – relentless effort to present the best services. Little then demonstrated how he created this exclusive signature scent inspired by Sansiri’s core beliefs.

Sansiri Luxury Collection: The Monument Thong Lo.

He deconstructed the fragrance’s layers one by one, letting us smell each individual ingredient. There was a citrusy freshness from the bergamot and vetiver, while the geranium toned it down with a warm earthiness. From the warm, tropical Siamwood (a tribute to Thailand) to the Bergamot and ripe figs, the scent captured Sansiri’s exquisite design and pureness of quality.

Sansiri Luxury Collection x Heretic Parfum.
Sansiri Luxury Collection x Heretic Parfum.

Of course, part of what makes this collaboration between Sansiri and Heretic Parfum so special is that they have a lot in common. Heretic Parfum is also dedicated to refined tastes and uncompromising quality; their fragrances are blended in organic, non GMO-grape and sugarcane alcohol (a process used by ancient perfumers before synthetics took over the industry). The brand’s rawness makes it no surprise that Little had previously worked alongside Gywneth Paltrow for her wellness brand ‘Goop’. Just as Sansiri might examine the origins of the marble when selecting a kitchen counter, Heretic Parfum uses the olfactory fingerprint of each individual plant and where it was grown to give the scents their character.

The Heretic Parfum aesthetic is bold, edgy, decadent, and mysterious.

Heretic Parfum believes that nature is inherently sexy, erotic, and mysteriously beautiful. For a truly exclusive preview, Little also gave us a taster of the enigmatic ‘Blue Lotus’ scent – one of Heretic Parfum’s most expensive fragrance ingredient because of its rarity and purity. It was yet another sign of the fragrance brand’s naturally luxurious quality. He also showed us one of his latest perfumes – a wildly provocative scent named ‘Florgasm’. This powerfully sensuous medley of florals was sealed in an even more provocative box, specially designed by artist Jana Brike.

‘Florgasm’, box designed by Jana Brike.

The ‘Florgasm’ is characteristic of Douglas Little – a man with a passion for rawness, a daring aesthetic, and a belief in mind-body connections.

Sansiri Luxury Collection and Heretic Parfum.
The scents of Heretic Parfum.

Heretic Parfum’s rare, authentic materials go far beyond the cosmetic department and into the realms of homeopathy, ayurveda, and herbology. Infusing these scents into the grandeur of Sansiri homes elevates the tangible luxuries in architecture, design, and services, and adds to the more organic luxury of enlivened senses. Forming a deeper relationship between the home, nature, and sensuality, the infusion of Heretic Parfum with Sansiri makes the ultimate blend for luxury living.

Sansiri Luxury Collection x Heretic Parfum.
Sansiri Luxury Collection x Heretic Parfum.
Sansiri Collection
The Luxury Collection exclusive scent features Siam wood, Vetiver, Bergamot, Geranium and ripe figs. Only available at The Monument Thong Lo and Khun by Yoo, Sansiri.
Sansiri Luxury Collection and Heretic Parfum.
Little has also produced an exclusive scent for Sansiri’s lifestyle space, Siri House, which uses Rose de Mai, kaffir lime leaf, yuzu orange, and pink pepper. The scent is available to purchase only at Siri House.

The Sansiri Luxury Collection x Heretic Parfum collaboration is available to be experienced and purchased only at Sansiri’s super luxury flagship project 98Wireless and luxury projects The Monument Thong Lo and Khun by Yoo

Learn more about Sansiri here: www.sansiri.com

Learn more about Heretic Parfum on their website, Facebook, or Instagram


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