Bangkok is a concrete-covered city; the town is simply blanketed in sky-high skyscrapers. Therefore, seeing a street with grand stretches of grass becomes something more of a rare experience. So if you’re anything like us – a sucker for a foliage but not at all someone with a green thumb — having a goal of turning a concrete jungle into a greener oasis can be a hopeless dream.

But fret not since recently, we’ve found a bunch of plant markets owned by green-obsessed gardeners in town who will help you sprout up a jungle of your own within your home or in the office place. So, if you’re looking for a way to transform a wilted grey and brown area into a lush green space, we’ve curated a list of Bangkok’s best plant markets. You’ll be sure to find a repertoire of both indoor and outdoor large established plants to create that jungalow-home style and brighten up your living space, sad-looking verandah or fall-like backyard in no time.

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Chatuchak plant market

Chatuchak plant market is oftentimes the go-to spot for city gardeners since it is fairly convenient to get there by MRT and BTS. Situated near the weekend market, Chatuchak plant outlet features a vast collection of any thriving greenery sourced from local growers you could ever imagine from Thailand’s 77 provinces, which can be a little bit daunting — and exciting — for first-time visitors. Whether you’re looking for exotic orchids, trees, soil, or succulents, the market has them all to offer.

Address: Kamphaeng Phet Rd, Chatuchak, Bangkok

Hours: Tuesday (3pm-11pm), and Wednesday and Thursday (8am-5pm)
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Aw-Taw-Gaw plant market

Located next to Chatuchak, Aw-Taw-Gaw is another jam-packed spot for plant slash food lovers. Known for its wide array of already-made Thai fare and fresh produce, the market also boasts a section dedicated solely to a slew of pre-potted leafy greens and flowering plants. Though their plant selection is not as varied as that of Chatuchak, the market opens daily so it sure is a perfect place you can visit on any given day of the week.

Address: 101, Pahonyotin Road, Chatuchak, Bangkok

Hours: Every day, 8am–6pm
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Srinakarin plant market

Starting from Udom Suk intersection to On Nut area, this roadside plant market is definitely the local green connoisseur’s favourite. The plant genus features various types of crops as well as a range of gardening tools, faux plants, and artificial grass. Moreover, lined up along the street, these vegetation stalls contain evergreen scenery you’ll hardly get to experience elsewhere in the Bangkok.

Address: Srinakarin Road, Nong Bon, Bangkok

Hours: Every day, 8am–6pm
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Klongton plant market

Klongton plant market is like a small urban jungle; the tiny market space nestled on Sukhumvit soi 71 (Preedeepanomyong soi 38) is simply bursting with wondrous and wild vegetation. The market is also a home to the much-beloved cacti and succulents. Those hankering to add some tropical greenery to your landlocked home, here’s a place to find your perfect evergreen decorations. The gardeners here also offer gardening services and design projects to help beginners landscape their green spaces.

Address: Suan Luang, Bangkok

Hours: Every day, 8 am—5 pm
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Plant Market by Ekkamai-Ramintra Tollway

Want to turn your space into a lush wonderland? Situated along the street, this plant market is perfect for people who have a car but have no time to wander among the crowd at other plant markets. Parking can easily be found. The stalls here also showcase an assortment of houseplants, small fruit trees, herbs, and ferns for you to choose from. They also offer pre-potted colourful tropical flowers ready for you to outfit your space. Regardless of its limited space, the market has more than plenty to hook you up with all the plant supplies and expertise you could ever need.

Address: Pradit Manutham Road, Nuanchan, Bangkok

Hours: Everyday, 8 am—5 pm
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