For many, 2021 comes with a mission to become more of a plastic-free consumer.

With more and more individuals in town committing to using less plastic and being more sustainable materials, there’s been a bloom of eco-friendly businesses that answer to these consumer’s needs. It’s all for a good cause and even those who are new to the enviro-safe concept, starting small with everyday doings like eliminating your use of plastic bags, straws, cups and food containers also counts as a big step. Here is our list of cool-chic Tupperware and food storage containers, and where to get them in Bangkok to help you live an eco-friendlier life.

[Featured image credit: Facebook/Black+Blum; hero image credit: Unsplash/Ella Olsson]


The Italian fashion brand presents its take on the humble lunch box. Having teamed up with the sustainable container brand Black + Blum, the Stainless Steel Lunch Box represents sleek and minimal sophistication, proving once again that a luxe lavish lifestyle can touch everything and anything. Here’s how you dine in true style.

Image credit: Prada


Shop with a good cause with RePlanetMe. The online shop offers an extensive selection of eco-friendly products, helping you to easily live that sustainable zero-waste lifestyle. 5% of their profits even go to Waste Separation Education in schools. The shop applies plastic-free packaging and shipping, using recyclable and compostable materials, too. We like this Foldable Silicone Lunch Box which comes with a 2-in-1 utensil and is foldable, so the size can be adjusted as bigger and smaller as you please.

Image credit: Instagram/RePlanetMe

Siam Leaf

Food containers and packaging couldn’t get any eco-friendlier with Siam Leaf, a food container brand with all containers made using 100% natural, chemical-free materials – think, banana trunk, areca leaf, bamboo sheath, and breadfruit leaf. It’s perfect for one-time use and can be used in microwave and oven. 

Image credit: Siam Leaf

Refill Station

Don’t like lunch boxes? Then opt for lunch bag. Refill Station has this Ziptop Healthy Set we absolutely adore as it is super light and microwave-safe thanks to its food-grade silicone material.

Image credit: Refill Station


For food containers made perfect for an elegant picnic or just dining in, these Celebes Boxes by Hermès come in colourful lacquered mahogany, and, even more special, with a magnetic lid and a bridle leather holder that makes it Hermès through and through.

Image credit: Hermès

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