Even if you have yet to travel to the exotic lands on your bucket list, it doesn’t mean you can’t embrace the warmth and beauty of otherworldly cultures in your own home. With Moroccan décor trend making waves on social media lately, we’ve spotted a slew of homes and hotels with the unique, rustic interior. From vibrant carnival hues and elegant archways to geometric tiles and botanical lanterns, Moroccan-inspired furnishings will brighten up any private space, giving it visual interests and eye-catching decorative finishes.

We know the notion of redecorating your home with Moroccan designs might sound like a daunting task. Fret not, we’ve rounded up a few of Moroccan-inspired interiors to help you incorporate this interior design trend into your home. For those who have always dreamed of visiting this mysterious country, you can now take some inspirations and transform your humble abode into a holiday destination without having to pack your suitcase.