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A checklist for staying home this May 2021

You’ve got work-from-home pants. You’ve got a list of the best brownie deliveries. But have you got a motivating water bottle yet? Or a robot vacuum cleaner?

This current lockdown is hitting differently. Where previously we were all about ordering pyjamas online and getting the nicest mask straps, the third wave in Thailand has us shopping for new habits. We’re all about home decor now. We’re all about adjusting to actually spending more time at home in the long run. From workout machinery (and not just mats and sports bras) to cooking devices (and not just ingredients), welcome to our ultimate checklist for staying home this summer.

[Hero Image Credit: Amoln Candles; Featured Image Credit: QuiFit Hydrating Bottle]

Candles can be an instant mood lifter and completely transform a space through scent and aesthetic. Remember where you couldn’t randomly light candles? It was in your office. Now that you’re staying home, light these beautiful candles by Swedish brand Amoln. The 1945 one is inspired by a daughter’s letter to her father, so it feels very apt for the times we live in. Top notes are bergamot, lime, and orange, with a rose, jasmine, pineapple, mango, and blackcurrant base.

THB 2290

An ode to all the food delivery and takeout you’ve been indulging in, here’s a t-shirt that really appreciates what you’re doing for the local food industry. We love the cheeky design and light cotton material, making it a perfect match for denim shorts or just silk pyjama pants at home. Noods for dinner, anyone?

THB 340

Staying hydrated is extremely important, pandemic or not. A great way to give yourself hourly reminders, we love this QuiFit water bottle that is covered in motivational phrases. It’s a fun way to drink more water, or even make some fruit-infused waters to enjoy throughout the day, too.

THB 343

If, like us, you’ve been watching Korean series like crazy this lockdown, take your love for all things Korean even further by cooking some Korean food at home. We love this South Korean pan called the ‘Jakola Star,’ made with pressed aluminium and coated with titanium for an extra durable and lightweight cooking companion. Beyond design, we enjoy that it’s 28cm wide, making it spacious enough to satisfy even the largest of appetites.

THB 2390

Isn’t it wild how air fryers become the hottest must-have item for the kitchen in the past year? The latest by Philips, we’re loving the Airfryer XXL for its new smart sensing technology. It automatically adjusts time and temperature during cooking to ensure perfectly-cooked dishes. Ideal for newbies to the air frying game.

THB 15,990

Whilst whiteboards and corkboards are cute, there’s nothing like a little personalisation in your office space. These cork strips allow you to customise your office board however you like, whether you hang them horizontally or vertically, and with any kind of space in between. Throw in notes and photographs and brighten up your working corner.

THB 302

Light therapy can do a lot for the mind. Whether you opt for a sunset lamp or a rainbow lamp, have some fun indoors with these mood lights. They’re designed to mimic the sunlight throughout the day, and can add some real romance to your bedroom. Pro tip? Try getting several of these and see what you can create.

THB 204 upwards

The salon is closed and you’re probably trying DIY face masks and facials. We’re huge fans of face massage, and very recently have gotten into eye massage to de-puff after long screen days. Foreo Iris is a bit of a star in this world, used by everyone from Paris Hilton to Chrissy Teigen. They’re calling it a ‘face vibrator,’ which is already enough convincing for us.

THB 4590

9 /16

You probably already have dumbbells (kettle bells if you’re fancy), a yoga mat, and some stretching bands. To switch things up a little, why not invest in a trampoline? These can make for a fun cardio workout, with various home workout videos to follow on Youtube. You could even watch TV while jumping around on this Smart Play Only trampoline. Win win?

THB 9900

Cleaning is probably one of the lesser ‘grammed activities we do at home, albeit very important. For those days when you’re exhausted from being alive, let IROBOT Roomba do the work. This little guy uses multi-surface rubber brushes and power-lifting suction to suss out dust and dirt even in places you could never reach. You can even give it a cleaning schedule via the app, and never stress about your weekly vacuum again.

THB 18900

Colouring has been proven to do wonders for the mind, even in adults. We love the idea of a colouring diary, with a different page to fill in everyday. The small pocket size makes this Mindfulness Colouring Diary by Emma Farragons not too overwhelming, with enough space to jot down your thoughts in a beautiful manner.

THB 499

Staying home means dancing around the house more, and to do this you’re going to need a good speaker. This Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3 Bluetooth Speaker not only looks cool in any corner of the house, but can create some very impressive sound effects through its domed design. It can also shoot ambience lights into the room, so it’s a modern disco at home, really.

THB 11900

Whilst we do advocate a daily walk, sometimes the humidity is too much, the PM 2.5 is acting up, or it’s another heavy mid-May rain shower. An air purifier should be a must-have in any Bangkok home by now, but if you still haven’t gotten one, this Philips Air Purifier should be your next move. With an in-built air quality sensor, it filters small particles from PM 2.5 up to PM 0.02, and can even eliminate smaller particles. At night time, it adjusts itself to make less sound, so you can sleep — and breathe — peacefully.

THB 5990

If you’ve been spotting colourful masks in bright colours around town, it’s likely it was a Kaze mask. Here in a more minimal hue, we too love wearing these masks for their fashionable appeal, light comfort, and 3-ply protection. Featuring adjustable ear bands and a clean fold-in design, they even come with a resealable bag for keeping when the mask is not in use. Must-have.

THB 1050

It’s important to have soap at home that you look forward to actually using. Aesop does the job for us. Made with mandarin rind, rosemary leaf, and cedar atlas, the Resurrection Hand Wash does exactly this for us: it brings you back to life. Best paired with a nice hand cream afterwards.

THB 1350

It’s arm chair travel for us at the moment, but there’s nothing like a travel book to inspire our minds. In Lonely Planet’s Ultimate Eatlist, the world’s top 500 food experiences come ranked according to chefs and food writers. From Japanese bullet train bento boxes to San Sebastian pintxos bars, it’s a great way to at least try to make time in lockdown fly by.

THB 945

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