Truth be told, most of Bangkok’s apartments aren’t much bigger than a flyspeck, barely giving its dwellers much room to breath. So for many city dwellers, our pigeonhole-like apartments make it nearly (or completely) impossible to have a spacious wardrobe – let alone a walk-in closet. Finding an ideal way to keep your clothes tidy and keep your closet looking like a catwalk-influenced wardrobe has been installed at home is, in fact, not at all as tough a task as you’d think. Here we’ve curated a gallery showcasing the many ways home and fashion lovers are devoting a part of their bedroom to be a sleek slash stylish mini closet. Want to get some inspiration on how you can do this too? Let’s get to it.

Featured image credit: LAKALUK; hero image credit: IHOD SHOP 

Colour Theme

By colour coordinating your clothing rack, it will give you this eye-catching overall look. Want to add the attention-grabbing effect? This is the way to go.


Turn your clothing rack into a multi-purpose item by using the space underneath to display your collection of fab and fancy shoes.

Hat and Bags

Your garment rack can easily be turned into a hat slash bag rack, also. So take full advantage of your rack to showcase your taste and style.

Wall Rack

By choosing the wall clothing rack, this can make your closet section look cool and a little less messy.


There’s no denying that most of us are addicted to the ‘gram life. And adding a fluffy carpet or rug under your clothing rack helps to add that much-needed glam without you having to do much to create the instagrammable aesthetic for your room.


Adding plants next to or under your clothing rack is another way to achieve the jungalow charm. It also helps to add fresh and spirited colours to your room.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
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