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Good Life Gadgets: 5 coffee grinders to spruce up your coffee routine

Organising your kitchen and pantry is probably the first step towards creating an appetite-reviving space that makes you want to cook and dine in. But to go from clean to cool, simply adding one or two standalone centrepieces into your kitchen can totally do wonders.

So to coffee lovers – make that fanatics – who are creatures of habit, having a cool coffee zone is perhaps the best way to spice up your morning coffee-making routine. Here we’ve curated 5 swanky-slash-stylish coffee grinders that will be sure to spruce up your countertops as well as inspiring you to opt for homemade brews over store-bought coffees.

Featured image credit: Unsplash/Jonathan Borba; hero image credit: Unsplash/Nathan Dumlao

YAMI’s Wooden Manual Coffee Grinder (THB 6,240)

coffee grinder

This manual coffee grinder has a durable design as well as an old-fashioned style that will capture old-school coffee lovers’ hearts. With a wood ground bin and cast iron wheel used to manually grind your coffee, the gadget boasts this antique look that takes you back to how a cup of coffee was made back in the day.

BODUM Electric Coffee Grinder (THB 14,000)

coffee grinder

Whilst grey is a classic shade for all electronic machines, using the shade a lot in your space doesn’t mean it will make your home look classic, too. So whenever you have a chance, swap for a more colourful product. Having this Electric Coffee Grinder by BODUM in copper colour will help to incorporate the beautiful reddish brown, creating a welcoming mood and stylish vibe to your space.

L-BEANS Wooden Retro-Style Coffee Bean Hand Grinder (THB 980)

coffee grinder

This coffee grinder will help you pull together the vintage look you adore. Those who only make small batches of coffee at a time, this one is a sure win. With the body made of wood, this little guy is stable and sophisticated, just like how any coffee grinder should be from the get go.

Portable Manual Coffee Grinder (THB 1,333)

coffee grinder

Light and tiny, this coffee piece allows you to easily use it in the house as well as to travel with on your camping or even overseas trips. The grinder also features an adjustable ceramic burr, so you can take total control of how fine you want your coffee powder to be. Another plus? You can use this tool to even grind pepper, seeds and grains.

MATEWEI Penggiling Biji Kopi Manual Keramik (THB 599)

A grinder and a container all in one? Yes, please. This MATEWEI coffee grinder does dual duty in crushing your beans into fine coffee powder and stores it to preserve the beans’ freshness and roasted flavour. Embellished with a flower motif, the white ceramic container yields this homey, motherly feel to your coffee section.

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