Here’s our message to all you hoarders out there: we feel your pain.

Decluttering and getting our rooms organised somehow seems a hundred times harder than solving math equations. But if there’s any better time to get in on the decluttering mission and get rid of all the inessential stuff you want but don’t actually need, it is this moment. Our list of YouTubers slash decluttering masters here will teach you the art of throwing stuff away to simply tidy up your abode and start you on a journey to being a true minimalist.

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5 Tips to Declutter Your Wardrobe

Let’s admit it. The wardrobe is often one of the messiest areas in your house – blame sales and the allure of new clothing collections. So if you’ve been planning on cleaning out and sorting your closet, this video can help you get a head start on fighting an avalanche of clothes.

10 Amazing Tips from Tidying Up with Marie Kondo

If you haven’t watched the Netflix show Tidying Up with Marie Kondo already, here’s a summary of the hours-long show in a ten-minute video. The respectable Japanese organising guru will show you the true magic of tidying up and how to get it done. Totally sparks joy.

Decluttering for Messy People

Those who don’t like messy places but can’t deny their untidy habits, Matt D’Avella knows just a way to help fellow messy friends with his tips and tricks to keeps things clean and in place.

Declutter & Organise an Entire House

For those with kids or a big family, decluttering can be a bit of a tough task, but Sarah Therese, a mother of three toddlers and a minimalist at heart is here to show you it is doable.

Minimalist Couple – Lessons For Decluttering

For love birds who share a small house or apartment together, this video features how-tos for a couple to best organise their shared wardrobe instead of creating a pile of mess. You’re welcome.

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