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How to decorate your bathroom in fifty shades of grey and white

Grey and white hues in the bathroom need not be boring.

Bathrooms are becoming ever-more elegant as stylish spaces for personal wellbeing and self-care. And when it comes to redecorating or renovating, the bathroom is quickly becoming one of the most important rooms. After all, you want to bring personality and individual style to the bathroom, yet you’ll also want to choose something that will stand the test of time. Enter: fifty shades of grey (and white).

A brilliant way to evoke timelessness is by setting a suitable colour scheme that straddles on cool tones of grey and white. With these neutral shades as the base for your bathroom, it is easy to amplify the look with an added touch of colour and more. Here are five ideas for designing a grey and white bathroom.

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Bell Epoque Bathroom

A grey and white bathroom is perfect for a Bell Epoque or 1920s-inspired style. Opt for a black or very dark grey marble on the walls or floor for a theatrical effect. Add an Asian-inspired wallpaper finish to a feature wall to complete the look.

Industrial-Style Bathroom

An industrial-style grey and white bathroom should always have shades of black that can be accented through iron edging, taps and furniture pieces. Use a neutral base colour for visual continuity. We’d recommend the great Kreta by Dekton model and the white Calacatta Gold by Silestone, both would fit perfectly to this quasi-cool style.

Rustic Grey and White Bathroom

If you want something with a bit of character, opt for a touch of rusticity to your bathroom. Combining a cool shade with traditional design may seem contrasting but after a while, the scheme is both timeless and therapeutic. Achieve this by adding wood elements and vintage-style tap, bidet and washbasin. A freestanding bathtub in raw stone and woven chairs would also do the trick.

Nordic-Style Bathroom

There couldn’t be two more perfect colours for the Nordic style that’s defined by its icy tones. Choose a pale and powdery finish with a touch of pastel if it’s something that tickles your fancy. Straight lines, natural beech veneers and matte metal surfaces reign in Nordic bathrooms. Achieve an organic and balanced space by adding soft elements like potted plants to enliven the bathroom.

Failsafe Minimalist Bathroom

If you’re one who likes to keep things simple, a modern grey and white bathroom with the latest technology and all the comforts is the trend for you. Think of a stunning shower cubicle, full-length heated towel rail and a wall-hung toilet with a concealed water tank for a seamless touch. Surfaces are minimalistic with a functional design that syncs with your daily bathroom regime. It is, after all, the easiest bathroom to clean and maintain.

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