For city dwellers, the thought of going back to a pigeonhole-like apartment instead of a large-size country home can sometimes be depressing.

In true form, most of Bangkok’s apartments aren’t much bigger than a flyspeck, and though we may deck out our interiors with green marble and wall art, that sense of breeziness is hard to come by. Nevertheless, bringing certain accessories into your space can amp up the look and atmosphere of your space, especially when it comes to the balcony. As a whole, this does wonders for lifting up the spirit of the home. So those of you who are looking for a way to give a spruced-up vibe to your plain apartment balcony, we’ve curated a few simple decorating ideas to set up a beautiful patio from scratch. With a little bit of a know-how, you can definitely have your on-site garden or even the farmhouse-style apartment balcony of your dreams.

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Let there be plants

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Not only do plants give a fresh colour palette to your balcony, but they also add an overall jungalow charm and tropical cheer to your city residence. The lush greenery is the most basic element for brightening up your space.

Hanging chairs

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A hanging chair adds a touch of playfulness to your balcony as well as providing a place to wind down on a cool breezy day. Rope hammock chairs are highly recommended if you’re aiming to add a coastal cool vibe to your space.

Couch or standalone armchair

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A little outdoor seating for a nap and snooze is definitely a must-have in today’s apartment balcony. Adding a couch or an armchair — depending on the size of your patio— showcases a touch of comfort, making your patio another spot in the house to relax in the morning or drink sundowners with your pals late at night.

Patio table

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Warm up your patio and make it more welcoming for family and friends to gather for a little dining session or wine by putting a patio table on your balcony. If your balcony is spacious, the patio dining table is just the right option for hosting a full-on feast.


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Set a vivid yet sophisticated foundation for your balcony with an eye-catching, colourful rug. The rug of your choice will allow you to personalise your space with colours and patterns you absolutely adore.

Pillow it up

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Pillows are essential for any room in your abode. If they’re needed in the bedroom as well as the living room, why not put them outside on the deck, too? Toss them onto the rug or on the couch and voila, you’ve got yourself a spot to lay down or read outdoors without having to do much.

Twinkly or fairy lights

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Make a statement on your balcony by hanging twinkly or fairy lights. They give a warm, charming glow to your deck and lend a romantic vibe every lover — or anyone, really – needs.

This article first appeared on Lifestyle Asia Bangkok on 6 December 2018. 

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