Art appreciation doesn’t always have to be done in a gallery. Home owners can easily create that gallery experience at home with just a few art pieces that really speak your taste and character. And whether you want to upgrade your living room’s wall or brighten up the shade of your bedroom, adding a piece of wall art can totally bring a splash of excitement to your space. So for those who want to give a dull, white-washed wall a boost of colour, here we have hand-picked five wall art pieces five pieces your walls will be in love with and wild for.

Pamda Bure

Bangkok-based illustrator Pamda Bure creates art that holds together cultural and personal aspects of life. Her work adds shine to the ordinary life of her subjects. Her illustrations combine photography, a burst of vibrant colours, and clean lines, and also showcase the subjects through the artist’s eyes, making those moments come to life on the canvas. Each one of her works comes with a catching yet straightforward name and a vague yet funny caption that gives off a sense of humour and artsy vibe to every one of her piece.

Do You Like My Jacket

‘S’cuse me…I asked for an ashtray 10 minutes ago” “What do you mean I can’t smoke in here…?’


‘”Speak to the Organ Grinder, not the Monkey,” he mused, his eyes firmly fixed on a bunch of banana on the market stall.’

Headscarf Assembly

wall art

‘“Do you know where the loo is?” Ayesha whispered a little too loudly.’

The Met Store

The Met Store, inspired by The Met (The Metropolitan Museum of Art), is one of the most resourceful online art shops, offering products from both antique and modern art forms from around the world. The two paintings below are our favourite picks.

Bonnard: Garden Print

wall art

A capture of sunlight and nature, this Garden Print painting is your way of bringing a garden to your home without having to plant one. Pierre Bonnard‘s own garden on the French Riviera portrays a glow of the countryside, showcasing a floral scene that will accentuate your room with a sense of serenity.

Haverman: A Vase of Flowers Framed Print

wall art


Why go through the work of changing vase water everyday? This painting by Margareta Haverman, a famed female artist from the early 18th century, is pretty much like a fresh vase of blooms trapped within the canvas.

Kankanit Wichiantanon
Writer, Bangkok
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